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Example of using the Progress dialog
// reset first to make sure we get a fresh object
// display a progress bar form and set it from 0 to 100
Progress.Show("Please wait while this happens...", 0, 100, function() {
// once we are done - when your code
// calls Progress.Complete()
Alert.Show("All done folks!");
}, function() {
// this is only going to be called if the user cancels
Alert.Show("The user cancelled");
function doProgress() {
// increment by one, the result that comes back is
// two pieces of information: Cancelled and Value
var result = Progress.Update(1);
// if we are not cancelled and the value is not 100%
// we will keep going, but in your code you will
// likely just be incrementing and making sure
// at each stage that the user has not cancelled
if(!result.Cancelled && result.Value <= 100) {
setTimeout(function() {
// this is only for our example to
// cause the progress bar to move
} else if(result.Value >= 100) {
Progress.Compelte(); // done
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