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Last active June 4, 2023 18:52
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Full code for solving SAT in Python
import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd
import pylab as plt
import numpy as np
import itertools
import random
import time
def brute_force(cnf):
literals = set()
for conj in cnf:
for disj in conj:
literals = list(literals)
n = len(literals)
for seq in itertools.product([True,False], repeat=n):
a = set(zip(literals, seq))
if all([bool(disj.intersection(a)) for disj in cnf]):
return True, a
return False, None
def __select_literal(cnf):
for c in cnf:
for literal in c:
return literal[0]
def dpll(cnf, assignments={}):
if len(cnf) == 0:
return True, assignments
if any([len(c)==0 for c in cnf]):
return False, None
l = __select_literal(cnf)
new_cnf = [c for c in cnf if (l, True) not in c]
new_cnf = [c.difference({(l, False)}) for c in new_cnf]
sat, vals = dpll(new_cnf, {**assignments, **{l: True}})
if sat:
return sat, vals
new_cnf = [c for c in cnf if (l, False) not in c]
new_cnf = [c.difference({(l, True)}) for c in new_cnf]
sat, vals = dpll(new_cnf, {**assignments, **{l: False}})
if sat:
return sat, vals
return False, None
def random_kcnf(n_literals, n_conjuncts, k=3):
result = []
for _ in range(n_conjuncts):
conj = set()
for _ in range(k):
index = random.randint(0, n_literals)
str(index).rjust(10, '0'),
return result
if __name__ == "main":
brute_force_times = []
dpll_times = []
for n_literals in range(16):
current_brute_force_times = []
current_dpll_times = []
for _ in range(100):
n_conjuncts = random.randint(0, n_literals*6)
s = random_kcnf(n_literals, n_conjuncts)
start = time.time()
stop = time.time()
start = time.time()
stop = time.time()
df = pd.DataFrame(
{'Number of literals': range(16),
'Brute Force': brute_force_times,
'DPLL': dpll_times
viz = df.plot(x='Number of literals')
viz.set_ylabel("Time (Seconds)")
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