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HOTS Map Breakdowns

As transcribed by watching Dreadnaughts twitch breakdown here:

Towers of Doom

  • Medium/Large map (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-1-3 (alternatively, 1-4 roaming mid/bot for 4)
    • Bottom lane prioritized: merc camps push bot lane and can get core shots
    • Top lane is safe lane
  • Win Condition:
    • cannot win through sieging
    • teamfighting is an absolute must to win, xp is more valuable on this map as a result
  • Strategy Notes:
    • 16 vs non-16 opponent? win 2/3 towers on a 3 tower spawn
    • don't worry about losing the early game objectives, worry about staying ahead on xp and scaling hard into the late game advantage
    • pick solid team fight heroes not great laners

Infernal Shrines

  • Large Map (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-1-3, 1-4 (top solo/safe, rotate bot/mid)
    • top/bot are equally threatening,
  • Strategy Notes:
    • winning the first 2 to 3 objectives are very weak, don't put 5 people pushing with punisher
    • upon winning early objectives split to 1-1-3, where 3 can either push with punisher or split push hard in another lane
    • do not bait the punisher until he is at the front of the gate near the wall, only send 3 people to defend
    • if your comp is good at long/sustained fights, don't force a hard engage and be patient
    • if you get a kill during objective, don't chase for more kills, just get the skulls
    • only merc camps that matter are the top 2 shaman camps, timing is key
    • delaying objective completion on a successful team wipe and maximizing soak is a great tactic

Battlefield of Eternity

  • Laning Phase: 1-4 (solo lane usually top, 4v4 in bot)
  • Strategy Notes:
    • solo laners: tass, thrall, zag, sonya
    • rotate to map objective ASAP and burn it as fast as possible, being slow to rotate is very weak
    • don't know whether to defend or burn? always burn and be offensive
    • win objective? split 1-4 to keep up soak
    • mercs: always time your shaman camp to spawn the same time as the objective so it split pushes, if they commit anyone to deal with the camp then force a fight
    • patience is crucial

Tomb of the Spider Queen

  • Medium Map: (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-4 (solo lane bot, 4v4 rotating mid/top)
  • Strategy Notes:
    • bot lane is safest, harder to gank, top is scariest for ganks
    • drain ammo by rotating top/mid as 4, kill walls when opponent attempts to gank bot
    • on turnin, run 1-1-3 to maintain soak early, then maybe 1-4 or 5 in late game
    • boss is a major threat late game if you can time it with a push of weavers
    • roles: goaltender, someone dedicated to stopping turnins
    • top lane is most valuable on this map due to boss as opposed to bot on other maps

Sky Temple

  • Large Map: (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-1-3 or 1-4 (solo lane bot)
  • Stragey Notes:
    • mid shrine is most valuable
    • the shrine boss gives a lot of xp
    • controlling sight is very valuable
    • whoever gets on the shrine first usually keeps the shrine
    • be satisfied with half shots on mid, retreat, and cap the top
    • timing: after top/mid temples are done in first phase wait for 2 minion waves then cap mercs
    • bot lane is most valuable lane: potential sight for boss, bot shrine is most frequently spawning shrine

Blackhearts Bay

  • Large Map: (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-4 (solo lane bot)
  • Strategy Notes:
    • clear the top wave first, force enemy team to lose the xp or commit to chest
    • wait for advantage before turning in
    • collect as many coins as you possibly can
    • if opponent reacts to merc pushes, then you turnin
    • if opponent doesn't react to merc pushes, you get valu
    • don't force fights over turnins if you don't need to
    • roles: goaltender at turnin can work (tass)
    • taking towers before turnins can snowball you an xp lead

Cursed Hollow

  • Large Map: (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-1-3, 1-1-1 (2 man roam)
  • Strategy Notes:
    • 1:50 - timing to get giants so they split push
    • time camps before curses is good
    • rotate early to objectives, almost more important than xp in non-competitive
    • don't take camps during curses, always push as hard as you can
    • minion stacking:
      • push bot, take out front wall but half the fort, minion waves will stack up and kill the fort
      • push mid, take out mid fort
      • if time: push top, take top fort, if no time: take boss

Garden of Terror

  • Large Map: (tri-lane)
  • Laning Phase: 1-1-3, 1-1-1 (2 man roam)
    • top easier to gank
  • Strategy Notes:
    • if you have stronger earlier game, position aggressively for small camps
    • small camps win the game
    • mercs in downtime once terror is building
    • 1-1-3 to maintain soak while terror pushes a side lane with no mercs, 3 man push opposite lane
    • put squishiest/most useless teamfight hero in terror
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