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> ::jsstack
80473a8 node::Buffer::New+0x10d
mdb: failed to read heap value at ffffc103: no mapping for address
80474b4 0xfe8fed6f <ConstructFrame>
80474d8 0xfe915c48 Buffer (fc6f726d)
80474fc 0xfe8fe841 <ArgumentsAdaptorFrame>
8047520 0xfe8febe2 <ConstructFrame>
804754c 0xfc625a42 <anonymous> (as Connection._sendMethod) (fc65a119)
804756c 0xfc629e4c <anonymous> (as Exchange.publish) (fd056e5d)
8047598 0xfc57b0f2 <anonymous> (as Channel._taskPush) (fc65a26d)
80475b8 0xfc57b849 <anonymous> (as Exchange.publish) (fc65a545)
80475dc 0xfe8fe841 <ArgumentsAdaptorFrame>
80475f8 0xfc6db8a5 aqBlast (fc5f8fb5)
8047618 0xfe9012c3 <InternalFrame>
8047634 0xfc63856b <anonymous> (as exports.setInterval.timer.ontimeout) (fc60b3d5)
804764c 0xfe8fe841 <ArgumentsAdaptorFrame>
804766c 0xfe8fee13 <InternalFrame>
80476a8 0xfe8fe0a6 <EntryFrame>
8047808 v8::internal::Invoke+0x1df
8047848 v8::internal::Execution::Call+0x10a
80478b8 v8::Function::Call+0xc1
8047938 node::MakeCallback+0xa4
8047978 node::TimerWrap::OnTimeout+0x51 <EntryFrame>
8047998 uv__timer_cb+0x3e
80479c8 ev_invoke_pending+0x74 <EntryFrame>
8047a08 ev_run+0x3bd
8047a28 uv_run+0x16
8047a88 node::Start+0x7e
8047ab8 main+0x17
8047ad8 _start+0x83
mdb: failed to read return address from 4: no mapping for address
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