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Get Seesaw event and property info in the REPL
user=> (show-options (label))
Option Notes/Examples
-------------------------- --------------
:background :aliceblue
(seesaw.color/color 255 0 0 0 224)
:border 5
"Border Title"
[5 "Compound" 10]
See (seesaw.border/*)
:bounds :preferred
[x y w h]
Use :* to leave component unchanged:
[x :* :* h]
:class :class-name
#{:multiple :class-names}
:cursor See (seesaw.cursor/cursor)
:drag-enabled? boolean
:enabled? boolean
:focusable? boolean
:font ARIAL-BOLD-18
See (seesaw.font/font)
:foreground :aliceblue
(seesaw.color/color 255 0 0 0 224)
:h-text-position :center
:halign :center
:icon See (seesaw.icon/icon)
:id A keyword id for the widget
:layout A layout manager.
:listen vector of args for (seesaw.core/listen)
:location See (seesaw.core/move! :to)
:maximum-size [640 :by 480]
:minimum-size [640 :by 480]
:opaque? boolean
:paint See (seesaw.core/paintable)
:popup javax.swing.JPopupMenu
(fn [e]) that returns a seq of menu items
See (seesaw.core/popup)
:preferred-size [640 :by 480]
:resource A i18n prefix for a resource with keys
[:text :foreground :background :font :icon :tip]
:size [640 :by 480]
:text A string
Anything accepted by (clojure.core/slurp)
:tip A tooltip string
:transfer-handler See (seesaw.dnd/to-transfer-handler)
:v-text-position :bottom
:valign :bottom
:visible? boolean
:seesaw.core/with Internal use.
user=> (show-events (text))
:action [java.awt.event.ActionListener]
:caret [javax.swing.event.CaretListener]
:component [java.awt.event.ComponentListener]
:focus [java.awt.event.FocusListener]
:key [java.awt.event.KeyListener]
:mouse [java.awt.event.MouseListener]
:mouse-motion [java.awt.event.MouseMotionListener]
:mouse-wheel [java.awt.event.MouseWheelListener]
:property-change [java.beans.PropertyChangeListener]
:selection [javax.swing.event.CaretListener]
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