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typed clojure typos
1.2 Motivation, second sentence: "This is idea not new"
page 18: "singleton types in ATTT a much more advanced"
page 21: "We now have sufficient information to synthesise the type of listing 2.2 to be (List Float)".
Should that be "... to be (LazySeq Float)"?
page 22: "Colored Local Type Inference is a candidate for"
Should there be more here, or is that leading into 2.9?
page 23: "their implementations are are"
"... preserve existing Racket idioms and aims type check existing ..."
page 29: "Java is statically typed language."
page 30: "... which is an array has the Java component type c array ..." x 2
page 31: "... and gives details on the difference ways Typed Clojure." ??
"entirely the programmer's responsibility" possessive
page 33: "Heterogeneous maps types ..."
page 39: "It would desirable to port ..."
page 42: "In this chapter work through several examples ..."
footnot point to pomegranate, not clojure.contrib.reflect
page 48: "... obstacle was discovered in while type checking ..."
page 54: "... for Clojure to support The major ..."
"... core of Typed Clojure would preserved ..."
page 56: "... to the dynamically type language Clojure ..."
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