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@davertron davertron/pipes.rb

Last active Dec 19, 2015
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Ruby Pipes
# I want to capture the output of both forked processes, print it, and then
# end. Currently the program hangs after printing the output from both forked
# processes. I think this is because "reader.eof?" doesn't return true because
# neither sub-process ever calls "writer.close". They don't call that because
# they can't, since exec changes the current process, so any ruby after the
# exec call won't get run.
# How do I handle this? Should I not use fork/exec?
# UPDATE: Answer below
reader, writer = IO.pipe
pid1 = fork do
$stdout.reopen writer
exec 'echo "Hello from pid1"'
Process.detach pid1
pid2 = fork do
$stdout.reopen writer
exec 'echo "Hello from pid2"'
Process.detach pid2
# This was the problem!!! Close the damn pipe n00b
until reader.eof?
puts reader.gets
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