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Gruvbox Dark color scheme for the new Windows Terminal
"background" : "#282828",
"black" : "#282828",
"blue" : "#458588",
"brightBlack" : "#928374",
"brightBlue" : "#83A598",
"brightCyan" : "#8EC07C",
"brightGreen" : "#B8BB26",
"brightPurple" : "#D3869B",
"brightRed" : "#FB4934",
"brightWhite" : "#EBDBB2",
"brightYellow" : "#FABD2F",
"cyan" : "#689D6A",
"foreground" : "#EBDBB2",
"green" : "#98971A",
"name" : "Gruvbox Dark",
"purple" : "#B16286",
"red" : "#CC241D",
"white" : "#A89984",
"yellow" : "#D79921"
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tony commented Sep 1, 2019

@davialexandre : Please consider making a PR so this is included in Windows Terminal by default

Rationale: has 6k stars and already is used on vim, other terminals

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tony commented Sep 1, 2019

Nice job @davialexandre

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Cool 🥇

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cube-p commented Dec 28, 2020

@davialexandre you can do the same gruvbox scheme but in hard contrast?

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Based on this, I did the Groovbox Light scheme

Hope it helps

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@davialexandre thanks for this, excellent theme, good job

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