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Scala Map.mapValues returns a (lazy) view. Hilarity ensues.
// TIL Scala Map.mapValues returns a lazy view
// This has the horrific consequence that supplying a non-pure function
// can yield a result map with unexpected / undesired behavior (see below)
// Further discussion here:
object TrickyMapValues extends App {
// Here comes trouble
var sideFX = 0.0
def nonPure(x: Double) = {
sideFX += 1.0
x + sideFX
val myMap = Map("a" -> 1.0, "b" -> 2.0)
val mapValues = myMap.mapValues(nonPure)
// If you think these should produce identical values,
// prepare to be delightfully surprised
println("sum1 = %.2f".format(mapValues.values.sum))
println("sum2 = %.2f".format(mapValues.values.sum))
println("sum3 = %.2f".format(mapValues.values.sum))
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josep2 commented Dec 3, 2016

Ran across your blog and tried this out. So tricky! I have never used mapValues but probably won't for sure now.

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