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davidandrzej/ImpPrivacy.scala Secret

Created Dec 4, 2018
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Implicit scoping implementation of privacy layer
package com.sumologic.metplay
object ImplicitPrivacy {
sealed trait PrivacyLevel
case object High extends PrivacyLevel
case object Low extends PrivacyLevel
type High = High.type
type Low = Low.type
sealed trait HasLevel[L]
object Permissions {
implicit object HasLow extends HasLevel[Low]
implicit object HasHigh extends HasLevel[High]
def high[T](data: T): ImpSec[High, T] = new ImpSec(data)
def low[T](data: T): ImpSec[Low, T] = new ImpSec(data)
class ImpSec[PL <: PrivacyLevel, T](data: T) {
protected val _data = data
def fmap[S](f: T => S): ImpSec[PL, S] = new ImpSec(f(_data))
def reveal(implicit has: HasLevel[PL]): T = _data
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