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davidar / gist:89fc971198412a634928
Created February 24, 2016 13:59 — forked from anonymous/gist:7200880
Processing motion blur
/* passable motion blur effect using frame blending
* basically move your 'draw()' into 'sample()', time runs from 0 to 1
* by dave
int samplesPerFrame = 32; // more is better but slower. 32 is enough probably
int numFrames = 48;
float shutterAngle = 2.0; // this should be between 0 and 1 realistically. exaggerated for effect here
int[][] result;
package main
// This program takes a .zim-file and dumps all contained articles below the
// current directory. I tested it with a Wikipedia snapshot; that did not
// contain deleted articles or LinkTargetEntrys, so I'm unsure how to handle
// those, for now I'm ignoring them.
// Redirects are handled by simply writing out the page pointed to by the
// redirect. IPFS deduplication should take care of it, so I think this is the
// most economical solution, even better than writing out small HTML files with