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create chart
import os
import yaml
from os.path import join
def clean_list(ignore_list, base_list):
for ignored_element in ignore_list:
if ignored_element in base_list:
return base_list
def calculate_time(schedule):
pieces = schedule.split()
total = int(pieces[1]) + (int(pieces[0])/60)
return total
def add_record (schedule, name, records):
records.append([ name, calculate_time(schedule) ])
return records
def get_schedules():
ignore_files = ["sitespeed-cronjob-patch.yaml", "upstream.yaml"]
schedules = []
for root, dirs, files in os.walk('./'):
files = clean_list(ignore_files, files)
for name in files:
file_name, file_extension = os.path.splitext(join(root, name))
if file_extension == '.yaml':
with open(join(root, name), 'r') as stream:
data_loaded = yaml.safe_load(stream)
if data_loaded.get('kind') == "CronJob":
schedules = add_record(data_loaded["spec"]["schedule"], name, schedules)
return schedules
def print_chart(values):
import pandas as pd
import as px
df = pd.DataFrame(values,columns=['FileName','Time']).sort_values("Time")
fig =, y = 'FileName', x = 'Time')
times = get_schedules()
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