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Helm install promtail with external Loki for RKE
helm upgrade --install promtail loki/promtail -n promtail \
--set volumes\[0\].name=docker \
--set volumes\[0\].hostPath.path=/var/lib/rancher/rke/log \
--set volumes\[1\].name=pods \
--set volumes\[1\].hostPath.path=/var/log/containers \
--set volumes\[2\].name=dockersym \
--set volumes\[2\].hostPath.path=/apps/docker/containers \
--set volumes\[3\].name=podssym \
--set volumes\[3\].hostPath.path=/var/log/pods\
--set volumeMounts\[0\].name=docker \
--set volumeMounts\[0\].readOnly=true \
--set volumeMounts\[0\].mountPath=/var/lib/rancher/rke/log \
--set volumeMounts\[1\].name=pods \
--set volumeMounts\[1\].readOnly=true \
--set volumeMounts\[1\].mountPath=/var/log/containers \
--set volumeMounts\[2\].name=dockersym \
--set volumeMounts\[2\].readOnly=true \
--set volumeMounts\[2\].mountPath=/apps/docker/containers \
--set volumeMounts\[3\].name=podssym \
--set volumeMounts\[3\].readOnly=true \
--set volumeMounts\[3\].mountPath=/var/log/pods \
--set loki.serviceName=<LOKI SERVER IP> \
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