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Doing a thesis under my supervision? Here are some things you should know


So you want to do a thesis under my supervision? Here's what you should know ...

What I care about ...

  1. You, obviously! I want you to get smarter, more creative and ambitious during your thesis. I fail as teacher when you haven't picked up at least one new skill after submitting your thesis.
  2. The project! My thesis offers are often quite challenging, pioneering or/and researchy, but never useless and stupid work. Research is always an exploration into the unknown.

I respect ...

  1. Creativity! Think beyond my suggestions - do stuff, hack around and come up with new ideas I haven't thought about. Surprise me!
  2. Initiative! Don't let me be your bottleneck - take initiative and try being as independent as possible.
  3. Endurance! We will get stuck, things will not work out as expected. So don't give up after the first sight of failure and keep on going.
  4. Focus! I keep weekly updates short (~30min) and love clear reports, let's spend more time hacking! :)

How I supervise ...

  1. I trust my students - I don't care how, where and when you get stuff done as long as you do when we need it!
  2. You will know more about your project than me. I love to be proven wrong with good arguments!
  3. No matter how hard you work, I promise you that I'll keep up with you and work harder.
  4. I respect clean code and prefer good figures over long explanations - and don't care too much about formalities.
  5. I understand that the nature of research is that most things won't work the first times - be honest about results and we figure out how to make it work.

Other stuff you should know

  1. Read papers with code!
  2. Everything will be on GitHub and we mainly communicate on Slack
  3. I'll probably travel quite regularly (due to research), so weekly updates might sometimes be via Skype (or/and on short notice)
  4. You will have access to lots of GPUs
  5. Thesis (~50-60 pages) and final presentation
  6. Grading will be done 75% by me and 25% by Ce (Final presentation)
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