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Get an azure website publising xml file using PowerShell
Function Get-AzureWebSitePublishXml
[Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
# Get the current subscription
$s = Get-AzureSubscription -Current
if (!$s) {throw "Cannot get Windows Azure subscription."}
#$thumbprint = $s.Certificate.Thumbprint
$thumbprint = $s.DefaultAccount # note: this only works when you have connected to azure using Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile
if (!$thumbprint) { throw "Cannot get subscription cert thumbprint."}
# Get the certificate of the current subscription from your local cert store
$cert = Get-ChildItem Cert:\CurrentUser\My\$thumbprint
if (!$cert) {throw "Cannot find subscription cert in Cert: drive."}
$website = Get-AzureWebsite -Name $WebsiteName
if (!$website) {throw "Cannot get Windows Azure website: $WebsiteName."}
# Compose the REST API URI from which you will get the publish settings info
$uri = "{0}/services/WebSpaces/{1}/sites/{2}/publishxml" -f `
$s.SubscriptionId, $website.WebSpace, $Website.Name
# Get the publish settings info from the REST API
$publishSettings = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $uri -Certificate $cert -Headers @{"x-ms-version" = "2013-06-01"}
if (!$publishSettings) {throw "Cannot get Windows Azure website publishSettings."}
return $publishSettings
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