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Running mongodb inside a docker container (with mongodb authentication)
# Create a container from the mongo image,
# run is as a daemon (-d), expose the port 27017 (-p),
# set it to auto start (--restart)
# and with mongo authentication (--auth)
# Image used is
docker pull mongo
docker run --name YOURCONTAINERNAME --restart=always -d -p 27017:27017 mongo mongod --auth
# Using the mongo "localhost exception" (
# add a root user
# bash into the container
sudo docker exec -i -t YOURCONTAINERNAME bash
# connect to local mongo
# create the first admin user
use admin
# exit the mongo shell
# exit the container
# now you can connect with the admin user (from any mongo client >=3 )
# remember to use --authenticationDatabase "admin"
mongo -u "foouser" -p "foopwd" YOURHOSTIP --authenticationDatabase "admin"
# If hosted on Azure set the docker host keep alive timeout to less than 240 seconds
# that is the default keep alive time on Azure network infrastructure (Public Ip only)
# See also

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DavidBrionesFF commented Aug 8, 2019

no puedo conectarme de manera remota

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