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Last active August 29, 2015 14:27
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LoadContext strikes again
A (project) -> B (package)
(build)-> CustomCompiler (project) (build)-> FSharpCompiler (project) -> System.Runtime (package)
public interface ILoadContextProvider {
IAssemblyLoadContext GetLoadContext(Project project, FrameworkName targetFramework);
var loadContextProvider = ...
var compiler = GetCompiler(A)
var blc = loadContextProvider.GetLoadContext(A, framework)
var compiler = GetCompiler(CustomCompiler)
var blc2 = loadContextProvider.GetLoadContext(CustomCompiler, framework)
var compiler = GetCompiler(FSharpCompiler)
var blc3 = loadContextProvider.GetLoadContext(FSharpCompiler, framework)
var a = compiler.Compile(A, GetReferences(A))
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