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Last active April 24, 2024 18:49
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.NET project structure
  • src - Main projects (the product code)
  • tests - Test projects
  • docs - Documentation stuff, markdown files, help files etc.
  • samples (optional) - Sample projects
  • lib - Things that can NEVER exist in a nuget package
  • artifacts - Build outputs go here. Doing a build.cmd/ generates artifacts here (nupkgs, dlls, pdbs, etc.)
  • packages - NuGet packages
  • build - Build customizations (custom msbuild files/psake/fake/albacore/etc) scripts
  • build.cmd - Bootstrap the build for windows
  • - Bootstrap the build for *nix
  • global.json - ASP.NET vNext only



There's probably more things that go in the ignore file.

  • Update: Added docs folder
  • Added and LICENSE - Critical if you're OSS, if not ignore it
  • Renamed test to tests
  • Added lib for things that CANNOT exist in nuget packages
  • Removed NuGet.config for people using packet :)
  • Added global.json for ASP.NET vnext
  • Added .editorconfig file in the root (x-plat IDE settings)
  • Added NuGet.config back because people were confused about it missing
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Layoric commented Jan 26, 2024

My understanding is the Artefacts is the output of your project, much could include NuGet packages, packages directory contains your projects dependencies.

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Ahhh OK. For when a packages.config is being used. Not applicable to me and I think I was tunnel visioning past it.

Thanks, @Layoric

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oxygen commented Apr 12, 2024

Never distribute [the same] private cert to multiple distinct clients, even if you do it securely - you might as well drop encryption altogether.
For self signed certificates just generate them on the client machine.

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