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Created April 26, 2023 09:11
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Word Deconstruction
it's it ~is
years year ~s
going go ~ing
that's that ~is
i'm i ~am
things thing ~s
states state ~s
including include ~ing
called call ~ed
using use ~ing
american america ~an
based base ~ed
united unite ~ed
there's there ~is
he's he ~is
making make ~ing
you're you ~'re
days day ~s
games game ~s
working work ~ing
having have ~ing
we're we ~'re
players play ~or ~s
doing do ~ing
given give ~en
others other ~s
following follow ~ing
months month ~s
asked ask ~ed
members member ~s
getting get ~ing
looking look ~ing
makes make ~s
they're they ~'re
i've i ~'ve
added add ~ed
rights right ~s
started start ~ed
trying try ~ing
international inter~ nation ~al
comes come ~s
saying say ~ing
player play ~or
taken take ~en
taking take ~ing
probably probable ~ly
coming come ~ing
wanted want ~ed
development develop ~ment
points point ~s
reported report ~ed
officials official ~s
students student ~s
issues issue ~s
companies company ~s
services service ~s
released release ~ed
running run ~ing
hours hour ~s
seems seem ~s
simply simple ~ly
countries country ~s
earlier early ~er
groups group ~s
playing play ~ing
themselves themself ~s
needed need ~ed
recently recent ~ly
shows show ~s
needs need ~s
played play ~ed
changes change ~s
friends friend ~s
weeks week ~s
results result ~s
higher high ~er
we've we ~'ve
related relate ~ed
longer long ~er
minutes minute ~s
words word ~s
nearly near ~ly
created create ~ed
questions question ~s
living live ~ing
problems problem ~s
workers work ~or ~s
received receive ~ed
expected expect ~ed
currently current ~ly
americans america ~an ~s
published publish ~ed
users user ~s
reports report ~s
fans fan ~s
announced announce ~ed
involved involve ~ed
cases case ~s
killed kill ~ed
lives live ~s
terms term ~s
ability able ~ity
worked work ~ed
takes take ~s
events event ~s
meeting meet ~ing
images image ~s
teams team ~s
forces force ~s
happened happen ~ed
gave give ~ed
goes go ~s
built build ~ed
leader lead ~or
plans plan ~s
turned turn ~ed
education educate ~tion
central centre ~al
movement move ~ment
numbers number ~s
areas area ~s
decided decide ~ed
what's what ~is
training train ~ing
quickly quick ~ly
lower low ~er
rules rule ~s
british britain ~an
included include ~ed
let's let ~us
wants want ~s
systems system ~s
looks look ~s
gets get ~s
allowed allow ~ed
tried try ~ed
written write ~en
jobs job ~s
talking talk ~ing
features feature ~s
latest late ~est
investigation investigate ~tion
advertisement advertise ~ment
natural nature ~al
leaders lead ~or ~s
daily day ~ly
you'll you ~'ll
hands hand ~s
reading read ~ing
violence violent ~ence
officers officer ~s
considered consider ~ed
parents parent ~s
starting start ~ing
stories story ~s
certainly certain ~ly
comments comment ~s
levels level ~s
writing write ~ing
particularly particular ~ly
continued continue ~ed
details detail ~s
growing grow ~ing
completely complete ~ly
exactly exact ~ly
attacks attack ~s
products product ~s
usually usual ~ly
claims claim ~s
addition add ~tion
biggest big ~est
leading lead ~ing
required require ~ed
additional add ~tion ~al
trump's trump ~'s
described describe ~ed
giving give ~ing
changed change ~ed
thinking think ~ing
kids kid ~s
named name ~ed
republicans republican ~s
reality real ~ity
effects effect ~s
books book ~s
provided provide ~ed
laws law ~s
i'd i ~'d
looked look ~ed
costs cost ~s
parts part ~s
eventually eventual ~ly
voters voter ~s
chinese china ~an
we'll we ~'ll
showed show ~ed
remains remain ~s
western west ~ern
calls call ~s
increased increase ~ed
guys guy ~s
thousands thousand ~s
designed design ~ed
died die ~ed
immediately immediate ~ly
moving move ~ing
efforts effort ~s
limited limit ~ed
includes include ~s
ones one ~s
presidential president ~al
thanks thank ~s
towards toward ~s
studies study ~s
democrats democrat ~s
directly direct ~ly
schools school ~s
associated associate ~ed
beginning begin ~ing
compared compare ~ed
i'll i ~'ll
sports sport ~s
passed pass ~ed
moved move ~ed
windows window ~s
manager manage ~or
characters character ~s
conditions condition ~s
largest large ~est
failed fail ~ed
reasons reason ~s
you've you ~'ve
clearly clear ~ly
appears appear ~s
resources resource ~s
helped help ~ed
spending spend ~ing
independent in~ depend ~ant
powerful power ~ful
eyes eye ~s
sources source ~s
families family ~s
greater great ~er
posted post ~ed
previously previous ~ly
researchers research ~or ~s
signed sign ~ed
weapons weapon ~s
actions action ~s
forced force ~ed
here's here ~is
management manage ~ment
records record ~s
ideas idea ~s
fighting fight ~ing
followed follow ~ed
allows allow ~s
easily easy ~ly
developed develop ~ed
gives give ~s
projects project ~s
customers customer ~s
benefits benefit ~s
cities city ~s
speaking speak ~ing
appeared appear ~ed
individuals individual ~s
decades decade ~s
uses use ~s
sales sale ~s
goals goal ~s
lines line ~s
authorities authority ~s
highly high ~ly
photos photo ~s
agreement agree ~ment
rates rate ~s
continues continue ~s
activity active ~ity
larger large ~er
adding add ~ing
citizens citizen ~s
calling call ~ing
winning win ~ing
programs program ~s
successful success ~ful
options option ~s
shooting shoot ~ing
noted note ~ed
reached reach ~ed
traditional tradition ~al
creating create ~ing
places place ~s
mostly most ~ly
seemed seem ~ed
seeing see ~ing
funding fund ~ing
kept keep ~ed
employees employ ~ee ~s
patients patient ~s
ended end ~ed
prices price ~s
caused cause ~ed
notes note ~s
knows know ~s
learning learn ~ing
operations operate ~tion ~s
leaving leave ~ing
policies policy ~s
values value ~s
she's she ~is
raised raise ~ed
concerns concern ~s
claimed claim ~ed
scientists science ~ist ~s
residents resident ~s
opening open ~ing
charges charge ~s
cars car ~s
happens happen ~s
generally general ~ly
produced produce ~ed
opposition oppose ~tion
investment invest ~ment
hundreds hundred ~s
feeling feel ~ing
miles mile ~s
parties party ~s
devices device ~s
offered offer ~ed
names name ~s
operation operate ~tion
nations nation ~s
revealed reveal ~ed
meant mean ~ed
learned learn ~ed
arrested arrest ~ed
highest high ~est
believed believe ~ed
millions million ~s
asking ask ~ing
understanding understand ~ing
driving drive ~ing
provides provide ~s
showing show ~ing
interested interest ~ed
confirmed confirm ~ed
runs run ~s
joined join ~ed
dollars dollar ~s
protection protect ~tion
existing exist ~ing
agreed agree ~ed
meaning mean ~ing
types type ~s
putting put ~ing
illegal in~ legal
offers offer ~s
watching watch ~ing
proposed propose ~ed
documents document ~s
extremely extreme ~ly
supporters support ~or ~s
shared share ~ed
world's world ~'s
opened open ~ed
definitely definite ~ly
victims victim ~s
girls girl ~s
explained explain ~ed
leadership lead ~or ~ship
planned plan ~ed
cards card ~s
testing test ~ing
becoming become ~ing
enforcement enforce ~ment
standing stand ~ing
dangerous danger ~ous
drugs drug ~s
becomes become ~s
construction construct ~tion
items item ~s
housing house ~ing
views view ~s
tools tool ~s
obviously obvious ~ly
banks bank ~s
served serve ~ed
communities community ~s
coverage cover ~age
hearing hear ~ing
accused accuse ~ed
planning plan ~ing
easier easy ~er
immigration immigrate ~tion
sites site ~s
animals animal ~s
supported support ~ed
they've they ~'ve
northern north ~ern
closed close ~ed
southern south ~ern
launched launch ~ed
returned return ~ed
server serve ~or
issued issue ~ed
older old ~er
smaller small ~er
charged charge ~ed
telling tell ~ing
holding hold ~ing
ultimately ultimate ~ly
established establish ~ed
environmental environment ~al
missing miss ~ing
suggested suggest ~ed
concerned concern ~ed
files file ~s
focused focus ~ed
discovered discover ~ed
stated state ~ed
keeping keep ~ing
candidates candidate ~s
requires require ~s
activities active ~ity ~s
businesses business ~s
largely large ~ly
truly true ~ly
entirely entire ~ly
plays play ~s
allowing allow ~ing
japanese japan ~an
waiting wait ~ing
cells cell ~s
owner own ~or
changing change ~ing
placed place ~ed
removed remove ~ed
absolutely absolute ~ly
stars star ~s
willing will ~ing
introduced introduce ~ed
killing kill ~ing
african africa ~an
providing provide ~ing
models model ~s
decisions decision ~s
figures figure ~s
believes believe ~s
supposed suppose ~ed
connection connect ~tion
mentioned mention ~ed
angeles angele ~s
measures measure ~s
tells tell ~s
identified identify ~ed
managed manage ~ed
interests interest ~s
failure fail ~ure
offensive offense ~ive
lived live ~ed
scientific science ~ic
originally original ~ly
skills skill ~s
steps step ~s
experts expert ~s
funds fund ~s
standards standard ~s
stopped stop ~ed
increasing increase ~ing
specifically specific ~ly
slightly slight ~ly
finished finish ~ed
taxes tax ~s
relatively relative ~ly
driver drive ~or
humans human ~s
arrived arrive ~ed
committed commit ~ed
homes home ~s
tests test ~s
operating operate ~ing
elements element ~s
markets market ~s
elections election ~s
possibly possible ~ly
sounds sound ~s
turns turn ~s
writer write ~or
feels feel ~s
useful use ~ful
arms arm ~s
fell fall ~ed
paying pay ~ing
eastern east ~ern
owners own ~or ~s
talks talk ~s
videos video ~s
selling sell ~ing
organizations organization ~s
seconds second ~s
filed file ~ed
developers develop ~or ~s
cultural culture ~al
healthy health ~y
bigger big ~er
beautiful beauty ~ful
votes vote ~s
starts start ~s
breaking break ~ing
impossible in~ possible
suggests suggest ~s
defensive defense ~ive
applications application ~s
soldiers soldier ~s
seeking seek ~ing
units unit ~s
helping help ~ing
accounts account ~s
happening happen ~ing
armed arm ~ed
cuts cut ~s
losing lose ~ing
sitting sit ~ing
editor edit ~or
fired fire ~ed
increasingly increase ~ing ~ly
carried carry ~ed
year's year ~'s
broken break ~ed ~en
covered cover ~ed
dropped drop ~ed
wars war ~s
developing develop ~ing
sides side ~s
country's country ~'s
unfortunately un~ fortunate ~ly
considering consider ~ing
agencies agency ~s
voting vote ~ing
owned own ~ed
closer close ~er
posts post ~s
alleged allege ~ed
updated update ~ed
responsibility responsible ~ity
methods method ~s
yards yard ~s
seriously serious ~ly
streets street ~s
pictures picture ~s
elected elect ~ed
located locate ~ed
estimated estimate ~ed
forms form ~s
greatest great ~est
facing face ~ing
fixed fix ~ed
unlike un~ like
possibility possible ~ity
relations relation ~s
presented present ~ed
vehicles vehicle ~s
governments government ~s
lots lot ~s
typically typical ~ly
films film ~s
intended intend ~ed
bringing bring ~ing
advanced advance ~ed
women's women ~'s
australian australia ~an
seasons season ~s
troops troop ~s
potentially potential ~ly
pieces piece ~s
powers power ~s
supporting support ~ing
apps app ~s
factors factor ~s
faster fast ~er
pages page ~s
offering offer ~ing
signs sign ~s
helps help ~s
walking walk ~ing
challenges challenge ~s
occurred occur ~ed
creative create ~ive
voted vote ~ed
politicians politician ~s
turning turn ~ing
ruling rule ~ing
wearing wear ~ing
combined combine ~ed
consumers consumer ~s
affected affect ~ed
refused refuse ~ed
initially initial ~ly
recorded record ~ed
boys boy ~s
determined determine ~ed
prepared prepare ~ed
bought buy ~ed
significantly significant ~ly
reduced reduce ~ed
conducted conduct ~ed
filled fill ~ed
expressed express ~ed
approved approve ~ed
remained remain ~ed
matters matter ~s
amendment amend ~ment
reporting report ~ing
he'd he ~'d
treated treat ~ed
sharing share ~ing
positions position ~s
remaining remain ~ing
passing pass ~ing
ends end ~s
movies movie ~s
obama's obama ~'s
experienced experience ~ed
people's people ~'s
pointed point ~ed
differences difference ~s
connected connect ~ed
articles article ~s
opportunities opportunity ~s
communications communicate ~tion ~s
completed complete ~ed
examples example ~s
grew grow ~ed
crimes crime ~s
essentially essential ~ly
updates update ~s
contains contain ~s
warning warn ~ing
pulled pull ~ed
attempts attempt ~s
plants plant ~s
thoughts thought ~s
controlled control ~ed
leads lead ~s
reporters reporter ~s
agents agent ~s
historical historic ~al
sets set ~s
argued argue ~ed
rising rise ~ing
terrorist terror ~ist
entry enter ~ry
faced face ~ed
driven drive ~en
excited excite ~ed
city's city ~'s
facts fact ~s
unable un~ able
hopes hope ~s
widely wide ~ly
links link ~s
affairs affair ~s
bodies body ~s
emails email ~s
opposed oppose ~ed
loved love ~ed
terrorism terror ~ism
guns gun ~s
linked link ~ed
talked talk ~ed
muslims muslim ~s
married marry ~ed
creation create ~tion
writes write ~s
partners partner ~s
activists activist ~s
stands stand ~s
messages message ~s
doctors doctor ~s
materials material ~s
marketing market ~ing
institutions institution ~s
faces face ~s
inspired inspire ~ed
denied deny ~ed
declared declare ~ed
artist art ~ist
reportedly report ~ed ~ly
today's today ~'s
injured injure ~ed
improved improve ~ed
buildings building ~s
friendly friend ~ly
objects object ~s
picked pick ~ed
experiences experience ~s
drivers drive ~or ~s
responded respond ~ed
networks network ~s
practices practice ~s
readers read ~or ~s
delivered deliver ~ed
findings finding ~s
leaves leave ~s
statements statement ~s
entertainment entertain ~ment
songs song ~s
state's state ~'s
roughly rough ~ly
you'd you ~'d
explains explain ~s
expansion expand ~tion
investors invest ~or ~s
causes cause ~s
defined define ~ed
publicly public ~ly
suffered suffer ~ed
effectively effective ~ly
totally total ~ly
applied apply ~ed
reaction react ~tion
industrial industry ~al
participants participant ~s
lawyer law ~or
injuries injury ~s
returns return ~s
declined decline ~ed
jews jew ~s
missed miss ~ed
critics critic ~s
increases increase ~s
guilty guilt ~y
acting act ~ing
accepted accept ~ed
listed list ~ed
shots shot ~s
watched watch ~ed
allegations allegation ~s
regardless regard ~less
company's company ~'s
acts act ~s
thinks think ~s
government's government ~'s
who's who ~is
buying buy ~ing
adds add ~s
golden gold ~en
performed perform ~ed
knowing know ~ing
palestinian palestine ~an
scheduled schedule ~ed
surveillance surveil ~ance
begins begin ~s
announcement announce ~ment
korean korea ~an
featured feature ~ed
serving serve ~ing
represents represent ~s
threats threat ~s
regulations regulation ~s
moves move ~s
stores store ~s
warned warn ~ed
younger young ~er
resistance resist ~ance
necessarily necessary ~ly
functions function ~s
follows follow ~s
classes class ~s
moments moment ~s
protests protest ~s
consequences consequence ~s
surprised surprise ~ed
suddenly sudden ~ly
fewer few ~er
backed back ~ed
deaths death ~s
america's america ~'s
combination combine ~tion
discussed discuss ~ed
artists art ~ist ~s
literally literal ~ly
stood stand ~ed
entered enter ~ed
orders order ~s
sought seek ~ed
authors author ~s
eating eat ~ing
gaming game ~ing
fairly fair ~ly
unlikely un~ likely
pushed push ~ed
communication communicate ~tion
brings bring ~s
bills bill ~s
teachers teach ~or ~s
they'll they ~'ll
properties property ~s
heavily heavy ~ly
receiving receive ~ing
adults adult ~s
personally personal ~ly
emotional emotion ~al
importance important ~ance
colleagues colleague ~s
protesters protest ~or ~s
targets target ~s
wins win ~s
heads head ~s
signing sign ~ing
ending end ~ing
earned earn ~ed
engineering engineer ~ing
winner win ~or
versions version ~s
approximately approximate ~ly
scored score ~ed
admitted admit ~ed
shares share ~s
allegedly allege ~ed ~ly
competitive compete ~ive
lies lie ~s
hoping hope ~ing
carrying carry ~ing
flying fly ~ing
detailed detail ~ed
protected protect ~ed
holds hold ~s
suffering suffer ~ing
selection select ~tion
replaced replace ~ed
fields field ~s
dogs dog ~s
formed form ~ed
shortly short ~ly
opponents opponent ~s
harder hard ~er
deeply deep ~ly
frequently frequent ~ly
closely close ~ly
pushing push ~ing
relationships relationship ~s
cutting cut ~ing
rating rate ~ing
assets asset ~s
sees see ~s
extended extend ~ed
referred refer ~ed
technologies technology ~s
immigrants immigrant ~s
targeted target ~ed
causing cause ~ing
developer develop ~or
tested test ~ed
refugees refugee ~s
circumstances circumstance ~s
congressional congress ~ion ~al
directed direct ~ed
solutions solution ~s
dealing deal ~ing
depending depend ~ing
dedicated dedicate ~ed
commitment commit ~ment
allies ally ~s
conservatives conservative ~s
selected select ~ed
comfortable comfort ~able
kinds kind ~s
repeatedly repeat ~ed ~ly
letters letter ~s
attempted attempt ~ed
journalists journalist ~s
hidden hide ~en
struck strike ~ed
risks risk ~s
trading trade ~ing
requirements requirement ~s
approval approve ~al
employment employ ~ment
actor act ~or
limits limit ~s
sending send ~ing
matches match ~s
folks folk ~s
realized realize ~ed
recovery recover ~y
walked walk ~ed
slowly slow ~ly
deals deal ~s
promised promise ~ed
locations location ~s
observed observe ~ed
nation's nation ~'s
raising raise ~ing
teacher teach ~or
independence in~ depend ~ance
mixed mix ~ed
hits hit ~s
noticed notice ~ed
destroyed destroy ~ed
fighters fight ~or ~s
falling fall ~ing
surrounding surround ~ing
scenes scene ~s
spanish spain ~an
strongly strong ~ly
requests request ~s
payment pay ~ment
brothers brother ~s
exciting excite ~ing
advertising advertise ~ing
progressive progress ~ive
supports support ~s
likes like ~s
impressive impress ~ive
statistics statistic ~s
representative represent ~ive
regions region ~s
transportation transport ~tion
arguments argument ~s
properly proper ~ly
involving involve ~ing
fees fee ~s
merely mere ~ly
angry anger ~y
drawn draw ~en
granted grant ~ed
polls poll ~s
reasonable reason ~able
attacked attack ~ed
trees tree ~s
writers write ~or ~s
asian asia ~an
exposed expose ~ed
components component ~s
worried worry ~ed
facilities facility ~s
houses house ~s
officially official ~ly
programming program ~ing
goods good ~s
stronger strong ~er
returning return ~ing
chose choose ~ed
puts put ~s
obtained obtain ~ed
emissions emission ~s
chosen choose ~en
meetings meet ~ing ~s
electricity electric ~ity
answers answer ~s
corruption corrupt ~tion
primarily primary ~ly
payments pay ~ment ~s
employee employ ~ee
continuing continue ~ing
assistance assist ~ance
parking park ~ing
machines machine ~s
organized organize ~ed
registered register ~ed
drinking drink ~ing
irish ireland ~an
informed inform ~ed
arts art ~s
ruled rule ~ed
speaker speak ~or
ties tie ~s
estimates estimate ~s
lawyers law ~or ~s
evolution evolve ~tion
claiming claim ~ing
sessions session ~s
recording record ~ing
enemies enemy ~s
representatives represent ~ive ~s
purposes purpose ~s
tickets ticket ~s
finds find ~s
choices choice ~s
worker work ~or
lawmakers lawmaker ~s
incredibly incredible ~ly
controls control ~s
threatened threat ~en ~ed
courts court ~s
hopefully hope ~ful ~ly
captured capture ~ed
italian italy ~an
references reference ~s
gotten got ~en
amounts amount ~s
perfectly perfect ~ly
generated generate ~ed
funded fund ~ed
aspects aspect ~s
constantly constant ~ly
teaching teach ~ing
tied tie ~ed
exists exist ~s
extension extend ~tion
discovery discover ~y
rejected reject ~ed
contributed contribute ~ed
seats seat ~s
regularly regular ~ly
chances chance ~s
strategic strategy ~ic
warming warm ~ing
racial race ~al
we'd we ~'d
dozens dozen ~s
resulting result ~ing
clients client ~s
headed head ~ed
represented represent ~ed
situations situation ~s
he'll he ~'ll
explanation explain ~tion
principles principle ~s
normally normal ~ly
keeps keep ~s
ads ad ~s
blocks block ~s
demands demand ~s
mainly main ~ly
newly new ~ly
installed install ~ed
comics comic ~s
maps map ~s
concluded conclude ~ed
degrees degree ~s
techniques technique ~s
engaged engage ~ed
farmers farm ~or ~s
constitutional constitution ~al
affordable afford ~able
investigators investigate ~or ~s
team's team ~'s
complicated complicate ~ed
taught teach ~ed
collected collect ~ed
clinton's clinton ~'s
greek greece ~an
titles title ~s
successfully success ~ful ~ly
weekly week ~ly
similarly similar ~ly
scoring score ~ing
settings setting ~s
valuable value ~able
proved prove ~ed
falls fall ~s
discrimination discriminate ~tion
delivery deliver ~y
automatically automatic ~ly
processing process ~ing
reaching reach ~ing
patterns pattern ~s
negotiations negotiate ~tion ~s
visited visit ~ed
drawing draw ~ing
aimed aim ~ed
fought fight ~ed
attended attend ~ed
manufacturing manufacture ~ing
sanctions sanction ~s
ranked rank ~ed
tracks track ~s
phones phone ~s
pounds pound ~s
computers computer ~s
doors door ~s
lights light ~s
cited cite ~ed
reduction reduce ~tion
adopted adopt ~ed
rarely rare ~ly
awards award ~s
producing produce ~ing
veterans veteran ~s
unusual un~ usual
expectations expectation ~s
strikes strike ~s
china's china ~'s
reviews review ~s
wonderful wonder ~ful
contracts contract ~s
stations station ~s
enjoyed enjoy ~ed
surprising surprise ~ing
passes pass ~s
clubs club ~s
saved save ~ed
hitting hit ~ing
processes process ~s
firms firm ~s
introduction introduce ~tion
losses loss ~s
innovation innovate ~tion
cameras camera ~s
feelings feel ~ing ~s
describes describe ~s
papers paper ~s
emerged emerge ~ed
liked like ~ed
containing contain ~ing
entering enter ~ing
one's one ~'s
turkish turkey ~an
resulted result ~ed
listening listen ~ing
retired retire ~ed
racing race ~ing
banned ban ~ed
languages language ~s
fighter fight ~or
awareness aware ~ness
creates create ~s
partnership partner ~ship
champions champion ~s
terrorists terror ~ist ~s
walls wall ~s
episodes episode ~s
interviews interview ~s
gained gain ~ed
naturally nature ~al ~ly
ships ship ~s
laid lay ~ed
saving save ~ing
featuring feature ~ing
contained contain ~ed
recognition recognize ~tion
reducing reduce ~ing
recognized recognize ~ed
websites website ~s
corporations corporation ~s
reader read ~or
structures structure ~s
struggling struggle ~ing
centers center ~s
diversity diverse ~ity
equally equal ~ly
recommended recommend ~ed
barely bare ~ly
beliefs belief ~s
marked mark ~ed
visitors visit ~or ~s
minds mind ~s
trained train ~ed
roles role ~s
commander command ~or
they'd they ~'d
mining mine ~ing
unemployment un~ employ ~ment
restrictions restriction ~s
lucky luck ~y
scores score ~s
hired hire ~ed
lists list ~s
referring refer ~ing
movements move ~ment ~s
convicted convict ~ed
equality equal ~ity
joining join ~ing
subjects subject ~s
repeated repeat ~ed
challenging challenge ~ing
improvement improve ~ment
campaigns campaign ~s
achieved achieve ~ed
blocked block ~ed
complaints complaint ~s
connections connect ~tion ~s
heroes hero ~s
suggesting suggest ~ing
failing fail ~ing
christians christian ~s
improvements improve ~ment ~s
roads road ~s
burning burn ~ing
surely sure ~ly
rapidly rapid ~ly
indicated indicate ~ed
begun begin ~ed
carefully care ~ful ~ly
economics economic ~s
tracking track ~ing
advocates advocate ~s
aged age ~ed
prosecutors prosecutor ~s
topics topic ~s
heading head ~ing
proven prove ~en
usage use ~age
ages age ~s
fallen fall ~en
closing close ~ing
performing perform ~ing
lying lie ~ing
remarks remark ~s
iranian iran ~an
colors color ~s
marks mark ~s
races race ~s
iraqi iraq ~an
wages wage ~s
suspected suspect ~ed
reads read ~s
headquarters headquarter ~s
threatening threat ~en ~ing
careful care ~ful
purchased purchase ~ed
walker walk ~or
humanity human ~ity
replacement replace ~ment
speaks speak ~s
highlights highlight ~s
passengers passenger ~s
depends depend ~s
gains gain ~s
universities university ~s
helpful help ~ful
retirement retire ~ment
breaks break ~s
encouraged encourage ~ed
ranks rank ~s
visiting visit ~ing
managing manage ~ing
producers producer ~s
employed employ ~ed
counts count ~s
representing represent ~ing
prisoners prison ~or ~s
stages stage ~s
titled title ~ed
restaurants restaurant ~s
ranking rank ~ing
measured measure ~ed
capabilities capable ~ity ~s
parks park ~s
requested request ~ed
riding ride ~ing
entitled entitle ~ed
focusing focus ~ing
playoffs playoff ~s
rebels rebel ~s
urged urge ~ed
hoped hope ~ed
palestinians palestine ~an ~s
russia's russia ~'s
maintained maintain ~ed
demanding demand ~ing
dependent depend ~ant
killer kill ~or
executives executive ~s
awarded award ~ed
broader broad ~er
remarkable remark ~able
managers manage ~or ~s
promising promise ~ing
eggs egg ~s
drives drive ~s
wounded wound ~ed
suspects suspect ~s
explaining explain ~ing
centuries century ~s
man's man ~'s
struggled struggle ~ed
maintenance maintain ~ance
discussing discuss ~ing
indicates indicate ~s
backing back ~ing
imposed impose ~ed
manufacturers manufacture ~or ~s
preferred prefer ~ed
appeals appeal ~s
employers employ ~or ~s
sentenced sentence ~ed
inequality in~ equal ~ity
week's week ~'s
reviewed review ~ed
representation represent ~tion
forgotten forgot ~en
maintaining maintain ~ing
answered answer ~ed
speakers speak ~or ~s
fights fight ~s
backs back ~s
blocking block ~ing
interviewed interview ~ed
sits sit ~s
aims aim ~s
bombing bomb ~ing
controller control ~or
demanded demand ~ed
performances perform ~ance ~s
militants militant ~s
ukrainian ukraine ~an
cats cat ~s
engagement engage ~ment
jumped jump ~ed
existed exist ~ed
taxpayers taxpayer ~s
wondering wonder ~ing
attending attend ~ing
refers refer ~s
struggles struggle ~s
flights flight ~s
challenged challenge ~ed
directors director ~s
teammates teammate ~s
cooking cook ~ing
raises raise ~s
fails fail ~s
container contain ~or
burned burn ~ed
headlines headline ~s
russians russia ~an ~s
scared scare ~ed
wrestling wrestle ~ing
installation install ~tion
egyptian egypt ~an
recovered recover ~ed
produces produce ~s
sleeping sleep ~ing
trains train ~s
visits visit ~s
supposedly suppose ~ed ~ly
bombs bomb ~s
conviction convict ~tion
investigated investigate ~ed
newspapers newspaper ~s
collecting collect ~ing
electrical electric ~al
riders ride ~or ~s
afghan afghanistan ~an
meets meet ~s
adoption adopt ~tion
earnings earn ~ing ~s
earning earn ~ing
walks walk ~s
achievement achieve ~ment
countless count ~less
praised praise ~ed
counties county ~s
suggestions suggest ~tion ~s
applying apply ~ing
directions direction ~s
singing sing ~ing
delivering deliver ~ing
rocks rock ~s
supporter support ~or
drinks drink ~s
shooter shoot ~or
whites white ~s
confirmation confirm ~tion
detained detain ~ed
christianity christian ~ity
attendance attend ~ance
alike a~ like
poorly poor ~ly
controlling control ~ing
highlighted highlight ~ed
employer employ ~or
feeding feed ~ing
suggestion sugges ~tion
strongest strong ~est
spreading spread ~ing
minded mind ~ed
counting count ~ing
processor process ~or
stocks stock ~s
accountability accountable ~ity
pays pay ~s
composed compose ~ed
gaining gain ~ing
enjoying enjoy ~ing
iran's iran ~'s
kills kill ~s
skilled skill ~ed
dancing dance ~ing
sentences sentence ~s
rockets rocket ~s
rankings rank ~ing ~s
cowboys cowboy ~s
championships champion ~ship ~s
excitement excite ~ment
reaches reach ~s
frankly frank ~ly
posed pose ~ed
manufacturer manufacture ~or
jumping jump ~ing
reminded remind ~ed
warnings warn ~ing ~s
preference prefer ~ance
reminder remind ~or
failures fail ~ure ~s
accounting account ~ing
purchases purchase ~s
lifted lift ~ed
bottles bottle ~s
climbing climb ~ing
passionate passion ~ate
draws draw ~s
burns burn ~s
branches branch ~s
colored color ~ed
crying cry ~ing
swimming swim ~ing
counted count ~ed
wondered wonder ~ed
encryption encrypt ~tion
cents cent ~s
pakistani pakistan ~an
fundamentally fundamental ~ly
encountered encounter ~ed
observers observe ~or ~s
smartphones smartphone ~s
reasoning reason ~ing
likelihood like ~ly ~hood
firmly firm ~ly
appealing appeal ~ing
independently in~ depend ~ant ~ly
court's court ~'s
threaten threat ~en
supportive support ~ive
fundraising fundraise ~ing
club's club ~'s
crashed crash ~ed
hopeful hope ~ful
counterparts counterpart ~s
linebacker lineback ~or
striker strike ~or
killings kill ~ing ~s
shootings shoot ~ing ~s
reduces reduce ~s
risen rise ~en
wounds wound ~s
backers backer ~s
reasonably reason ~able ~ly
preferences prefer ~ance ~s
processed process ~ed
rises rise ~s
contractors contractor ~s
extending extend ~ing
maintains maintain ~s
negotiating negotiate ~ing
laying lay ~ing
extends extend ~s
rocky rock ~y
networking network ~ing
dies die ~s
broadcasting broadcast ~ing
centered center ~ed
vessels vessel ~s
observer observe ~or
reviewing review ~ing
valued value ~ed
subjected subject ~ed
achievements achieve ~ment ~s
readily ready ~ly
recordings record ~ing ~s
farmer farm ~or
collections collect ~tion ~s
broadly broad ~ly
poses pose ~s
rider ride ~or
mapping map ~ing
glasses glass ~s
listened listen ~ed
threads thread ~s
tracked track ~ed
aiming aim ~ing
installing install ~ing
arise a~ rise
saves save ~s
unaware un~ aware
proves prove ~s
manufactured manufacture ~ed
lifting lift ~ing
clashes clash ~s
prisoner prison ~or
entertaining entertain ~ing
containers contain ~or ~s
thai thailand ~an
backwards backward ~s
constraints constraint ~s
reminds remind ~s
dining dine ~ing
unconstitutional un~ constitution ~al
joins join ~s
encounters encounter ~s
economically economical ~ly
rejection reject ~tion
mixing mix ~ing
unemployed un~ employ ~ed
rebellion rebel ~ion
enters enter ~s
cooked cook ~ed
concludes conclude ~s
attendees attend ~ee ~s
compounds compound ~s
collectively collective ~ly
delivers deliver ~s
remarkably remark ~able ~ly
campaigning campaign ~ing
teaches teach ~s
chasing chase ~ing
bomber bomb ~or
rides ride ~s
convictions convict ~tion ~s
firefighters firefighter ~s
smiling smile ~ing
answering answer ~ing
confirms confirm ~s
threatens threat ~en ~s
parked park ~ed
backgrounds background ~s
driver's drive ~or ~'s
accounted account ~ed
directing direct ~ing
enterprises enterprise ~s
crashes crash ~s
proclaimed proclaim ~ed
recovering recover ~ing
marking mark ~ing
asleep a~ sleep
emergence emerge ~ance
encrypted encrypt ~ed
wonders wonder ~s
generates generate ~s
delighted delight ~ed
similarities similar ~ity ~s
climbed climb ~ed
warns warn ~s
negotiated negotiate ~ed
appealed appeal ~ed
controllers control ~or ~s
quarterbacks quarterback ~s
structured structure ~ed
vietnamese vietnam ~an
heroic hero ~ic
repeating repeat ~ing
bargaining bargain ~ing
poured pour ~ed
architects architect ~s
stairs stair ~s
cites cite ~s
enjoys enjoy ~s
detainees detain ~ee ~s
unsupported un~ support ~ed
colours colour ~s
taxation tax ~tion
highlighting highlight ~ing
bombers bomb ~or ~s
feeds feed ~s
passwords password ~s
informal in~ formal
trainer train ~or
performs perform ~s
processors process ~or ~s
teachings teach ~ing ~s
programmers programmer ~s
smiled smile ~ed
performers perform ~or ~s
challenger challenge ~or
adopting adopt ~ing
comprised comprise ~ed
dependency depend ~ance ~y
crises crisis ~s
weekends weekend ~s
improves improve ~s
colorful color ~ful
unsuccessful un~ success ~ful
successes success ~s
visitor visit ~or
turkey's turkey ~'s
marker mark ~or
listeners listen ~or ~s
warmer warm ~er
chooses choose ~s
seated seat ~ed
indirect in~ direct
referenced reference ~ed
confirming confirm ~ing
unusually un~ usual ~ly
recognizes recognize ~s
dependencies depend ~ance ~y ~s
resting rest ~ing
cows cow ~s
programmes programme ~s
killers kill ~or ~s
introduces introduce ~s
domains domain ~s
enjoyable enjoy ~able
dependence depend ~ance
posing pose ~ing
requesting request ~ing
bowling bowl ~ing
shoots shoot ~s
bombings bomb ~ing ~s
fireworks firework ~s
surprises surprise ~s
regain re~ gain
advocated advocate ~ed
strains strain ~s
urgency urgent ~y
captures capture ~s
pouring pour ~ing
contracted contract ~ed
reviewer review ~or
possessions possession ~s
crashing crash ~ing
negotiation negotiate ~tion
fundraiser fundraise ~or
jumps jump ~s
airstrikes airstrike ~s
remix re~ mix
indirectly in~ direct ~ly
region's region ~'s
weights weight ~s
performer perform ~or
contributes contribute ~s
unofficial un~ official
chopped chop ~ed
acclaimed acclaim ~ed
tracker track ~or
headphones headphone ~s
broadcaster broadcast ~or
rejecting reject ~ing
blasted blast ~ed
poorest poor ~est
equals equal ~s
independents in~ depend ~ant ~s
employs employ ~s
pakistan's pakistan ~'s
shooters shoot ~or ~s
markers mark ~or ~s
dislike dis~ like
ruler rule ~or
ukraine's ukraine ~'s
poorer poor ~er
drawings draw ~ing ~s
collector collect ~or
remarked remark ~ed
sanctioned sanction ~ed
collectors collect ~or ~s
learns learn ~s
directives directive ~s
emerges emerge ~s
installment install ~ment
stationed station ~ed
smiles smile ~s
insurgents insurgent ~s
friend's friend ~'s
rulers rule ~or ~s
frameworks framework ~s
removes remove ~s
weighted weight ~ed
scorer score ~or
perfection perfect ~tion
egypt's egypt ~'s
unreasonable un~ reason ~able
disclaimer disclaim ~or
workshops workshop ~s
employing employ ~ing
arises a~ rise ~s
readings read ~ing ~s
iraq's iraq ~'s
campaigned campaign ~ed
rewrite re~ write
seating seat ~ing
entitlement entitle ~ment
network's network ~'s
collects collect ~s
unblock un~ block
passages passage ~s
prefers prefer ~s
urges urge ~s
outdoors outdoor ~s
headers header ~s
chased chase ~ed
installations install ~tion ~s
rejects reject ~s
county's county ~'s
teamed team ~ed
campaigners campaign ~or ~s
discounts discount ~s
marketed market ~ed
similarity similar ~ity
clintons clinton ~s
jointly joint ~ly
campaign's campaign ~'s
drank drink ~ed
listener listen ~or
slices slice ~s
broadcasts broadcast ~s
iranians iran ~an ~s
amounted amount ~ed
cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency ~s
wallets wallet ~s
spreads spread ~s
onions onion ~s
payer pay ~or
surpassed surpass ~ed
enjoyment enjoy ~ment
reminding remind ~ing
counters counter ~s
protester protest ~or
misinformation mis~ information
bowls bowl ~s
representations represent ~tion ~s
compassionate compassion ~ate
iphones iphone ~s
informing inform ~ing
trainers train ~or ~s
readiness ready ~ness
joints joint ~s
earns earn ~s
interviewing interview ~ing
passports passport ~s
afforded afford ~ed
breaches breach ~s
crystals crystal ~s
reviewers review ~or ~s
registering register ~ing
sliced slice ~ed
firm's firm ~'s
referencing reference ~ing
abnormal in~ normal
bombed bomb ~ed
fundamentals fundamental ~s
mapped map ~ed
slightest slight ~est
constrained constrain ~ed
workouts workout ~s
affirmative affirm ~tive
burgers burger ~s
revisit re~ visit
strained strain ~ed
contracting contract ~ing
taxed tax ~ed
stirring stir ~ing
helpless help ~less
asians asia ~an ~s
sparks spark ~s
deliveries deliver ~y ~s
recounted recount ~ed
headaches headache ~s
unanswered un~ answer ~ed
discounted dis~ count ~ed
interviewer interview ~or
program's program ~'s
coloring color ~ing
beginnings begin ~ing ~s
devastation devastate ~tion
iraqis iraq ~an ~s
resurgence resurge ~ance
containment contain ~ment
recreate re~ create
weekend's weekend ~'s
earners earn ~or ~s
benchmarks benchmark ~s
affordability afford ~able ~ity
blasts blast ~s
redirect re~ direct
seattle's seattle ~'s
strikers strike ~or ~s
broadcasters broadcast ~or ~s
breached breach ~ed
egyptians egypt ~an ~s
strides stride ~s
bottled bottle ~ed
attendant attend ~ant
readable read ~able
corrupted corrupt ~ed
championed champion ~ed
center's center ~'s
lifts lift ~s
park's park ~'s
cooks cook ~s
registers register ~s
taxing tax ~ing
crossroads crossroad ~s
installer install ~or
italy's italy ~'s
repay re~ pay
passions passion ~s
surgeries surgery ~s
dancers dance ~or ~s
exposes expose ~s
clashed clash ~ed
comprises comprise ~s
manifestation manifest ~tion
surgeons surgeon ~s
heartbreaking heartbreak ~ing
indoors indoor ~s
outbreaks outbreak ~s
walker's walk ~or ~'s
imperfect in~ perfect
helper help ~or
preaching preach ~ing
withdrawing withdraw ~ing
repeats repeat ~s
enlightened enlighten ~ed
discontinued dis~ continue ~ed
friendships friendship ~s
informative inform ~ative
strikeouts strikeout ~s
fundamentalist fundamental ~ist
beginners begin ~or ~s
surged surge ~ed
presenter present ~or
directs direct ~s
observes observe ~s
hires hire ~s
rocked rock ~ed
linebackers lineback ~or ~s
hopeless hope ~less
unsuccessfully un~ success ~ful ~ly
irregular in~ regular
superheroes superhero ~s
swallowed swallow ~ed
urgently urgent ~ly
report's report ~'s
dancer dance ~or
wonderfully wonder ~ful ~ly
sidewalks sidewalk ~s
affirmed affirm ~ed
preacher preach ~or
restrained restrain ~ed
attends attend ~s
underestimate under~ estimate
blasting blast ~ing
recounts re~ count ~s
upsetting upset ~ing
pounding pound ~ing
preferably prefer ~able ~ly
depended depend ~ed
mixes mix ~s
listens listen ~s
delightful delight ~ful
hides hide ~s
informs inform ~s
sparking spark ~ing
underestimated under~ estimate ~ed
referral refer ~al
supermarkets supermarket ~s
negotiators negotiate ~or ~s
compounded compound ~ed
reproduced reproduce ~ed
backups backup ~s
restraining restrain ~ing
emergencies emergency ~s
unnatural un~ nature ~al
stirred stir ~ed
laced lace ~ed
rocking rock ~ing
setbacks setback ~s
regained re~ gain ~ed
likened like ~en ~ed
landmarks landmark ~s
moscow's moscow ~'s
breaker break ~or
unequal un~ equal
dreadful dread ~ful
previews preview ~s
referees referee ~s
engages engage ~s
contraction contract ~tion
disinformation dis~ information
recorder record ~or
markings mark ~ing ~s
breastfeeding breastfeed ~ing
underscores underscore ~s
reasoned reason ~ed
drinkers drink ~or ~s
headlined headline ~ed
preferable prefer ~able
warmed warm ~ed
marketers market ~or ~s
blocker block ~or
climbers climb ~or ~s
taxis taxi ~s
campaigner campaign ~or
retirees retire ~ee ~s
jumper jump ~or
trademarks trademark ~s
wounding wound ~ing
driverless drive ~or ~less
discriminated discriminate ~ed
beginner begin ~or
challengers challenge ~or ~s
sleepy sleep ~y
headquartered headquarter ~ed
reminders remind ~or ~s
constitutionally constitution ~al ~ly
investigates investigate ~s
entertained entertain ~ed
encompassing encompass ~ing
spearheaded spearhead ~ed
normalized normal ~ize ~ed
preferring prefer ~ing
phone's phone ~'s
dances dance ~s
refunds refund ~s
director's director ~'s
encompasses encompass ~s
paper's paper ~'s
bowler bowl ~or
praises praise ~s
headsets headset ~s
principled principle ~ed
keepers keeper ~s
renters rent ~or ~s
broaden broad ~en
blockers block ~or ~s
grazing graze ~ing
failings fail ~ing ~s
purposely purpose ~ly
dreaded dread ~ed
climbs climb ~s
unsuspecting un~ suspect ~ing
countering counter ~ing
writer's write ~or ~'s
engagements engage ~ment ~s
commenters comment ~or ~s
finder find ~or
teaming team ~ing
directories directory ~s
chops chop ~s
repayment re~ pay ~ment
passionately passion ~ate ~ly
sleeper sleep ~or
negotiator negotiate ~or
workplaces workplace ~s
danced dance ~ed
cellphones cellphone ~s
taxable tax ~able
disliked dis~ like ~ed
client's client ~'s
achieves achieve ~s
contractual contract ~al
proclaiming proclaim ~ing
affirming affirm ~ing
threaded thread ~ed
walled wall ~ed
regulars regular ~s
movement's move ~ment ~'s
commenter comment ~or
unexplained un~ explain ~ed
inequalities in~ equal ~ity ~s
glossy gloss ~y
cowardly coward ~ly
disapprove dis~ approve
situational situation ~al
breakthroughs breakthrough ~s
awarding award ~ing
detainee detain ~ee
manifestations manifest ~tion ~s
walkers walk ~or ~s
drawbacks drawback ~s
chopping chop ~ing
microphones microphone ~s
exclaimed exclaim ~ed
encountering encounter ~ing
coworkers co~ work ~or ~s
approves approve ~s
purposefully purpose ~ful ~ly
mindless mind ~less
colorado's colorado ~'s
affirmation affirm ~tion
arisen a~ rise ~en
pitfalls pitfall ~s
claimants claimant ~s
directional direction ~al
girlfriends girlfriend ~s
preached preach ~ed
abnormalities abnormality ~s
constants constant ~s
withdrawals withdrawal ~s
informants informant ~s
successors successor ~s
fundraisers fundraise ~or ~s
underscored underscore ~ed
likeness like ~ness
preferential prefer ~ance ~al
rebellious rebel ~ious
perched perch ~ed
kittens kitten ~s
slicing slice ~ing
swam swim ~ed
grassy grass ~y
peeling peel ~ing
poor's poor ~'s
skateboarder skateboard ~or
braked brake ~ed
devises devise ~s
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