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Rails 3 Scopes - Show Posts With Children Only
# this gets the last five "bookings"
scope :recent, lambda {|quantity| limit(5).order('id DESC')}
# I want to only fetch bookings that are valid for purchase, i.e. they have "festival tickets" reserved for campers.
# how do I get the five latest "bookings" _that have camper tickets_?
# ref -
scope :with_children, joins(:campers).
having('count( > 0')
# So you can use
# Is there any tidier way to do the "has children" query scope than this?
# I'd like to do Booking.has_children(:campers).recent(5) for example
# Scopes are "obselete"
# according to
# But does ActiveAdmin let you define Class.method_name? as a scope?
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