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globalsplus.lua for DetectingUndefinedVariables
-- globalsplus.lua
-- Like globals.lua in Lua 5.1.4 but records fields in global tables too.
-- Probably works but not well tested. Could be extended even further.
-- usage: luac -p -l example.lua | lua globalsplus.lua
-- D.Manura, 2010-07, public domain
local function parse(line)
local idx,linenum,opname,arga,argb,extra =
if idx then
idx = tonumber(idx)
linenum = tonumber(linenum)
arga = tonumber(arga)
argb = tonumber(argb)
local argc, const
if extra then
local extra2
argc, extra2 = extra:match('^([-%d]+)%s*(.*)')
if argc then argc = tonumber(argc); extra = extra2 end
if extra then
const = extra:match('^; (.+)')
return {idx=idx,linenum=linenum,opname=opname,arga=arga,argb=argb,argc=argc,const=const}
local function getglobals(fh)
local globals = {}
local last
for line in fh:lines() do
local data = parse(line)
if data.opname == 'GETGLOBAL' then
data.gname = data.const
last = data
table.insert(globals, {linenum=last.linenum, name=data.const, isset=false})
elseif data.opname == 'SETGLOBAL' then
last = data
table.insert(globals, {linenum=last.linenum, name=data.const, isset=true})
elseif (data.opname == 'GETTABLE' or data.opname == 'SETTABLE') and last and
last.gname and last.idx == data.idx-1 and last.arga == data.arga and data.const
local const = data.const:match('^"(.*)"')
if const then
data.gname = last.gname .. '.' .. const
last = data
table.insert(globals, {linenum=last.linenum, name=data.gname, isset=data.opname=='SETTABLE'})
last = nil
return globals
local function rindex(t, name)
for part in name:gmatch('%w+') do
t = t[part]
if t == nil then return nil end
return t
local whitelist = _G
local globals = getglobals(io.stdin)
table.sort(globals, function(a,b) return a.linenum < b.linenum end)
for i,v in ipairs(globals) do
local found = rindex(whitelist,
print(v.linenum,, v.isset and 'set' or 'get', found and 'defined' or 'undefined')
luac -p -l test/sieve.lua | lua globalsplus.lua
5 gen set undefined
6 coroutine.wrap get defined
6 coroutine get defined
7 coroutine get defined
7 coroutine.yield get defined
12 filter set undefined
13 coroutine get defined
13 coroutine.wrap get defined
17 math get defined
17 math.mod get defined
17 coroutine get defined
17 coroutine.yield get defined
22 N set undefined
22 N get undefined
23 gen get undefined
23 x set undefined
23 N get undefined
25 x get undefined
27 print get defined
28 filter get undefined
28 x set undefined
28 x get undefined
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