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Earthquake Stream Connection - Pusher

To connect to Earthquake Streams data feed you need to use a pusher library such as

Live Demo Code @

Required Keys

To connect you need

  • Pusher Key: cb8e92ce5edfd617ee0a
  • Pusher Cluster: mt1
  • Event Name: earthquake
  • Channels [all]


Currently there is only the one channel all but other will be available soon

There are 6 channels:

  • all
  • minor
  • light
  • strong
  • significant
  • tsunami
  • All data is fired to a earthquake event
  • All earthquake alerts are sent to the all channel
  • Significant earthquakes are sent to the significant channel
  • Earthquakes that may create a tsunami are sent to the tsunami channel
  • The other three channels, minor, light, and strong are based on magnitudes <2.5, <4.5, and >4.5 respectivily


Below is a code snippet to connect in JavaScript

Include this in the <head>

<script src=""></script>

Setup Pusher

var pusher = new Pusher('cb8e92ce5edfd617ee0a', {
  cluster: 'mt1'

Connect to a specific channel

var channel = pusher.subscribe('all');

Listen for an earthquake

channel.bind('earthquake', function(data) {

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commented Aug 23, 2017

I can not see any data on the site. I see a never-ending spinner with text 'Awaiting New Earthquake Detection' - it is not clear if this is the intended view for 'no earthquakes right now' or if the site is broken. Also I can not find the issue tracker here on github so I can not report, that is why I am writing here.


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Owner Author

commented Jan 31, 2018

Hi @wowcut - Earthquake Stream has been in hibernation and has only just been restarted. Should be working now

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