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Laravel Custom Class/Model Scheduling
//Don't forget to change the namespace!
namespace App\Traits;
use Cron\CronExpression;
use Illuminate\Support\Carbon;
use Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\ManagesFrequencies;
trait Schedulable{
use ManagesFrequencies;
protected $expression = '* * * * *';
protected $timezone;
public function isDue(){
$date = Carbon::now();
if ($this->timezone) {
return CronExpression::factory($this->expression)->isDue($date->toDateTimeString());
public function nextDue(){
return Carbon::instance(CronExpression::factory($this->expression)->getNextRunDate());
public function lastDue(){
return Carbon::instance(CronExpression::factory($this->expression)->getPreviousRunDate());
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simonhamp commented Feb 22, 2018

Thanks for sharing!

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karlmonson commented Feb 27, 2018

Thank you for this trait!

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adamlevenson commented Aug 6, 2018

Thanks for this! Exactly what I needed, gave me the right path forward.

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digitiqman commented Jun 13, 2020

Thank you David, you are the best!

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jakubgrzaslewicz commented Mar 7, 2021

Thank you. Excellent solution!

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