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Here's a holy shit idea I have. Sort of.

(a) Imagine apple watch exists and is iterated on and is widely used etc.

(b) imagine apple watch has the ability to accept morse-code-like tap patterns from users without requiring them to unlock the screen first. So basically, I could do what Lando Calrissian did when he slyly sent a message to this bald friend to arrange a stormtrooper ambush.

(c) Okay, imagine apple watch is cognizant that I'm listening to podcasts, and what episode I'm listening to, and the current timestamp.

(d) imagine if I tap a certain pattern while a podcast is playing (e.g., triple-tap to denote this pattern is for the Podcast app, and then long-short-short taps to denote _this means drop a flag / timestamp / star / bookmark at current timestamp of current episode.

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// On a page with many .item elements, where each element has many tags .item__tag
// This will create an array 'tagList' that contains all tags (without duplicates)
var tagList = [];
$.each( $('.item__tag'), function(i,obj) {
nextTag = obj.innerText;
if ($.inArray(nextTag,tagList) == -1) {
tagList.push( nextTag );
} );
View Display tags, if they exist
{% if podcast.tags %}
{% for tag in podcast.tags %}
<li>{{ tag }}</li>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
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Ukulele tab for "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire
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A terrific song. What I'm most interested in capturing are not only the chords, but a way to continually strum them so that the melody can be heard. Here's how I play each section.

Audio sample of me playing

Here's a clip of me playing this on ukulele, using the exact tabs I have below:

Intro and chorus

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- Subscribe to podcasts / add episodes via website
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Created Jul 31, 2014
FretMonster instrument JSON
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var instruments = {
'guitar' : { 'name' : 'guitar',
'numStrings' : 6,
'fretsToLabel' : [1,3,5,7,9,12,15],
'stringLabels' : ['E','B','G','D','A','E'],
'stringDiff' : {
1 : 0, // E string (high)
2 : 5, // B string
3 : 9, // G string
4 : 2, // D string
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rails new whatever
Generate some scaffolding:
rails generate scaffold User name:string
rails generate scaffold Item user_id:integer collection_id:integer name:string
rails generate scaffold Collection user_id:integer name:string
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0 = none
xs = extra small
s = small
m = medium
l = large
x = extra
xl = extra large
xxl = extra extra large