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private string GetErrorFromBlob(string blobId)
var container = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(this.connectionString).CreateCloudBlobClient().GetContainerReference("elmaherrors");
var blob = container.GetBlobReference(blobId);
return blob.DownloadText();
public override ErrorLogEntry GetError(string id)
var error = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(connectionString).CreateCloudTableClient().GetDataServiceContext().CreateQuery<ErrorEntity>("elmaherrors").Where(e => e.PartitionKey == string.Empty && e.RowKey == id).Single();
return new ErrorLogEntry(this, id, ErrorXml.DecodeString(GetErrorFromBlob(error.BlobId)));
public override int GetErrors(int pageIndex, int pageSize, IList errorEntryList)
if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(error.BlobId))
var e = ErrorXml.DecodeString(GetErrorFromBlob(error.BlobId));
errorEntryList.Add(new ErrorLogEntry(this, error.RowKey, e));
count += 1;
return count;
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