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Forked from ieatfood/Connect Airpods.applescript
Last active November 15, 2023 15:45
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A xbar/bitbar wrapper around an Applescript to connect bluetooth devices, such as Airpods.
function pair(){
osascript <<'END'
use framework "IOBluetooth"
use scripting additions
set blueToothDevice to "Buds Pro"
on getFirstMatchingDevice(deviceName)
repeat with device in (current application's IOBluetoothDevice's pairedDevices() as list)
if (device's nameOrAddress as string) contains deviceName then return device
end repeat
end getFirstMatchingDevice
on toggleDevice(device)
if not (device's isConnected as boolean) then
device's openConnection()
return "Connecting " & (device's nameOrAddress as string)
device's closeConnection()
return "Disconnecting " & (device's nameOrAddress as string)
end if
end toggleDevice
return toggleDevice(getFirstMatchingDevice(blueToothDevice))
if [[ "$1" = "pair" ]]; then
echo "ᚼᛒ|bash=$0 param1=pair terminal=false"
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