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A class to interate through the cross product of all of the pairs of values from iterators.
import java.util.Iterator;
public abstract class CrossProductIterator<A, B, C> extends AbstractIterator<A> {
private Iterator<B> outer_;
private B curOuter_;
private Iterator<C> inner_;
private final Iterable<C> suffixes_;
public CrossProductIterator(final Iterable<B> prefixes, final Iterable<C> suffixes) {
outer_ = prefixes.iterator();
inner_ = Iterators.emptyIterator();
suffixes_ = suffixes;
curOuter_ = null;
protected A computeNext() {
while (true) {
if (inner_.hasNext()) {
return combiner(curOuter_,;
if (outer_.hasNext()) {
curOuter_ =;
inner_ = suffixes_.iterator();
else {
return endOfData();
abstract A combiner(final B outer, final C inner);
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