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Scaled block matrices in LaTeX
\newcommand{\scalemath}[2]{\scalebox{#1}{\begin{math} {#2} \end{math}}}
\newcommand{\Aprime}{\scalemath{0.5}{\begin{matrix} \Amm & \Abound \\ \zm & -\Idm \end{matrix}}}
\newcommand{\Gprime}{\scalemath{0.5}{\begin{matrix} \zm & \zm \\ \zm & \bm \end{matrix}}}
\newcommand{\Qprime}{\scalemath{0.5}{\begin{matrix} \Qm \\ \zm \end{matrix}}}
Combining the above with the Jacobian matrix as derived in \cref{sec:llg-magn-coupl}, the complete Jacobian is
\Jm =
\Fm & \Pm & \zm \\
\Qprime & \Aprime & \Gprime \\
\Qm & \zm & \Amu
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