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Convert dumb quotes to smart quotes in Python
def dumb_to_smart_quotes(string):
"""Takes a string and returns it with dumb quotes, single and double,
replaced by smart quotes. Accounts for the possibility of HTML tags
within the string."""
# Find dumb double quotes coming directly after letters or punctuation,
# and replace them with right double quotes.
string = re.sub(r'([a-zA-Z0-9.,?!;:\'\"])"', r'\1”', string)
# Find any remaining dumb double quotes and replace them with
# left double quotes.
string = string.replace('"', '“')
# Reverse: Find any SMART quotes that have been (mistakenly) placed around HTML
# attributes (following =) and replace them with dumb quotes.
string = re.sub(r'=“(.*?)”', r'="\1"', string)
# Follow the same process with dumb/smart single quotes
string = re.sub(r"([a-zA-Z0-9.,?!;:\"\'])'", r'\1’', string)
string = string.replace("'", '‘')
string = re.sub(r'=‘(.*?)’', r"='\1'", string)
return string

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yefim commented Nov 30, 2017

I think this gist and filename are incorrectly named. Could you please change it to read "Convert smart quotes to dumb quotes" @davidtheclark?


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cowpi commented Apr 1, 2018

Oops. If there is a slash at the end of a URL, the quotes get mixed up within the HTML tag.

<a href="" title="something">text</a> becomes
<a href="; title=&#8220;something">text</a>

Adding a slash after the colon in the search pattern in line 8 and 16 r'([a-zA-Z0-9.,?!;:/\'\"])"' seems to work. (But it probably breaks something else.)

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