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Created Aug 27, 2013
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Test for Ruby ENV encoding bug
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#encoding: utf-8
text = "testing åáâäãā"
test_env = ENV["test"]
test2_env = ENV["åáâäãā"]
puts "="*20
puts text.to_s
puts text.encoding
puts text.inspect
puts "="*20
puts test_env.to_s
puts test_env.to_s.dup.force_encoding("utf-8")
puts test_env.encoding if test_env
puts test_env.inspect
puts "="*20
puts test2_env.to_s
puts test2_env.to_s.dup.force_encoding("utf-8")
puts test2_env.encoding if test2_env
puts test2_env.inspect
puts "="*20
ENV["test2"] = text
test3_env = ENV["test2"]
puts test3_env.to_s
puts test3_env.to_s.dup.force_encoding("utf-8")
puts test3_env.encoding if test3_env
puts test3_env.inspect
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