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Campfire sounds
56k: ""
bell: ":bell:"
bezos: ":laughing::thought_balloon:"
bueller: "anyone?"
butts: ":open_hands: :smoking:"
clowntown: ""
cottoneyejoe: ":notes::hear_no_evil::notes:"
crickets: "hears crickets chirping"
dadgummit: "dad gummit!! :fishing_pole_and_fish:"
dangerzone: ""
danielsan: ":fireworks: :trophy: :fireworks:"
deeper: ""
drama: ""
flawless: "#flawless"
greatjob: ""
greyjoy: ":confounded::trumpet:"
guarantee: "guarantees it :ok_hand:"
heygirl: ":sparkles::information_desk_person::sparkles:"
horn: ":dog: :scissors: :cat:"
horror: ":skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:"
inconceivable: "doesn't think it means what you think it means..."
letitgo: ":snowflake::woman::snowflake::snowman::snowflake:"
live: "is DOING IT LIVE"
loggins: ""
makeitso: "make it so :point_right:"
noooo: ":princess::skull::unamused:"
nyan: ""
ohmy: "raises an eyebrow :smirk:"
ohyeah: "isn't playing by the rules"
pushit: ""
rimshot: "plays a rimshot"
rollout: ":shipit::car:"
rumble: ""
sax: ":city_sunset::saxophone::notes:"
secret: "found a secret area :key:"
sexyback: ":underage:"
story: "and now you know..."
tada: "plays a fanfare :flags:"
tmyk: ":sparkles: :star: The More You Know :sparkles: :star:"
trololo: "троллинг :trollface:"
trombone: "plays a sad trombone"
unix: ":neckbeard: :computer:"
vuvuzela: "======<() ~ ♪ ~♫"
what: ""
whoomp: ":clap::bangbang::sunglasses:"
wups: "wups!"
yeah: ""
yodel: ":mega::mount_fuji::hear_no_evil:"
// chat.sounds
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robbyrussell commented Sep 14, 2011

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davist11 commented Sep 14, 2011

Yeah but then you don't get the sound effect!

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alexgodin commented Oct 24, 2011

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rkh commented Sep 25, 2013

it's missing story

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dieseltravis commented Sep 30, 2013

story: "and now you know..."

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