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CoffeeScript tricks
# These are my notes from the PragProg book on CoffeeScript of things that either
# aren't in the main CS language reference or I didn't pick them up there. I wrote
# them down before I forgot, and put it here for others but mainly as a reference for
# myself.
# assign arguments in constructor to properties of the same name:
class Thingie
constructor: (@name, @url) ->
# is the same as:
class Thingie
constructor: (name, url) ->
@name = name
@url = url
#execute a function with no arguments:
lcword = do str.toLowerCase
# is the same as:
lcword = str.toLowerCase()
# invoke a method on each object in an array
(marker.remove()) for marker in @markers
for key, value of object
# do things with key and value
for own key, value of object
# do things with object's own properties only
for key, value of object when key in ['foo', 'bar', 'baz']
# iterate through properties that meet the when condition
# give me an array's values based on a condition:
foobar = (value for key, value of object when key in ['foo', 'bar'])
for x in [1..100] by 10
# iterate from 1 to 100 in steps of 10
# Call the "process" function on each property of results array that has "food" in the title
process result for result in results when _.include(result.title, 'food')
# Executing an anonymous function while a condition is met:
a = 0
(do -> console.log(a++)) while a<10
(do -> console.log(a--)) until a is 1
# Put the comprehension in parentheses to return it as an array, including only those values that meet the by/when condition:
evens = (x for x in [2..10] by 2)
=> evens = [2,4,6,8,10]
# Given an alphabet:
alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
# Iterate over part of the alphabet:
console.log letter for letter in alphabet[4..8]
=> Logs 'e' through 'i' to the console
# Iterate through the first part of the alphabet, up to e:
console.log letter for letter in alphabet[..4]
# Stop just before e (notice the 3 dots in the range:
console.log letter for letter in alphabet[...4]
# Start at e and go to the end alphabet:
console.log letter for letter in alphabet[4..]
# Useful for pagination:
paginate = (start, end) -> @results[start..end]
# Just JS but useful to remember:
break # stop iterating
continue # jump to the next iteration
# Iterate using "for" but have each iteration run in closure:
for x in arr
do (x) ->
# do something in own scope
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