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Framer X - Designer Developer Experience Pain Points

Framer X

Designer/Developer Experience Pain Points

Code Components

  • Classes as the only way to create Code Components to Framer X.

    • ES6 Classes are awesome but hardly the only way to code reusable components in React. If I wanted to create a stateless functional component there is no way for Framer X to view or create an instance of such component inside the Components panel.
  • Examples on how to Extend a Framer X Class component (ie: PageComponent)

    • This might be solved with a little documentation effort. I’m doing that to understand the relationship between the core components of Framer X and external community driven components (FX/React/JS).
  • When the Core Framer library will be available on NPM? It's critical for me, to share code components, apps or just to write a simple test outside of Framer X.

Overrides - See Overrides Demo:

  • Too opaque on the context of a React application.
    • When do they run?
    • How they are connected to the (implicit) App Component lifecycle events?
    • How overrides can conflict with a custom code component with the same, let’s say UI Events.
  • Events / Animation Overrides: Concept still too hard to grasp: Overrides are incredible painful to understand and lead to a very frustrating context.
    • Not being able to match a single collection of overrides to several items at the same time.
    • Not a clear path on how to control the animation/events of an override other then the ‘finished’ boolean, documented by @stakelton. I know there are other APIS still in the works [Data, Data/Observers Animatable, Animatable/Observers, Animators], but still… a vast conceptual gap is present here, not sure what I’m doing.

Publishing Components

  • What can be done at the moment?
    • Publishing a Code + Design Component doesn’t work. Just the design component is present on the component panel.
      • Why?
      • It will be possible?
    • Approximately when it’s gonna be possible to control:
      • Unpublish a component/package.
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