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davraamides /
Created April 6, 2023 20:49
Python script to parse Fidelity trade history and convert to Beancount ledger format
Convert Fidelity trade history HTML tables to beancount transactions
There are two formats: 1) open positions, revealed when you click on
a ticker in the Positions view; and 2) closed positions, which are
shown when you click on the "Closed Positions" link from the same
The open positions only contain buys for the current holding so if you
had partial sells, those won't be shown (but should be in the closed
davraamides / Rangebreaks.ipynb
Created January 23, 2023 19:02
Jupyter notebook showing use of rangebreaks option in Plotly
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davraamides / !Things Daily
Last active October 8, 2022 21:16
AppleScript for getting Things tasks from Today list and associated Python script for converting the tasks to a daily schedule report

The two scripts used in my shortcut to create a daily schedule for tasks from Things Today list.

  • Get Today's Tasks.scpt is the AppleScript that gets today's tasks from Things in a format of "title:xxx tags:xxx", one task per line.
  • is the Python script which parses those tasks and builds a schedule and HTML report and then opens it in the browser.