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Preparing data to plot contours in Matplotlib's Basemap
# More Info:
def show_map(self, a):
# 'a' is of the format [(lats, lons, data), (lats, lons, data)... (lats, lons, data)]
lats = [ x[0] for x in a ]
lons = [ x[1] for x in a ]
data = [ x[2] for x in a ]
lat_min = min(lats)
lat_max = max(lats)
lon_min = min(lons)
lon_max = max(lons)
data_min = min(data)
data_max = max(data)
spatial_resolution = 0.5
fig = plt.figure()
x = np.array(lats)
y = np.array(lons)
z = np.array(data)
xinum = (lat_max - lat_min) / spatial_resolution
yinum = (lon_max - lon_min) / spatial_resolution
xi = np.linspace(lat_min, lat_max + spatial_resolution, xinum) # same as [lat_min:spatial_resolution:lat_max] in matlab
yi = np.linspace(lon_min, lon_max + spatial_resolution, yinum) # same as [lon_min:spatial_resolution:lon_max] in matlab
xi, yi = np.meshgrid(xi, yi)
zi = griddata(x, y, z, xi, yi)
m = Basemap(
projection = 'merc',
llcrnrlat=lat_min, urcrnrlat=lat_max,
llcrnrlon=lon_min, urcrnrlon=lon_max,
rsphere=6371200., resolution='l', area_thresh=10000
lat, lon = m.makegrid(zi.shape[1], zi.shape[0])
x,y = m(lat, lon)
m.contourf(x, y, zi)
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oblakeobjet commented Nov 19, 2013

Very useful, thanks for sharing.

You might need to switch lons and lats for x and y coordinates:


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zmumba commented Jan 3, 2014

Very useful work but it would have been more useful to me if you showed how to read in the data, am very very novice to matplotlib and reading all day long to make sense of every small thing.

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