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Last active Jun 24, 2019
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install clam on Ubuntu 18.10
#curl -L | sh
sudo /etc/init.d/clamd stop
cd ~
mkdir dev
cd dev
rm -rf "clam-$CLAMVERSION/"
curl -L "$CLAMVERSION/clam-$CLAMVERSION-linux64.tar.gz" | tar xvz
cd "clam-$CLAMVERSION/bin"
#setup config
#backup any clam data dirs
cd ~
mv ~/.clam ~/.clam-backup-$(date +%s)
cd ~/.clam/
#install rtorrent
curl -L > ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/bootstrap.torrent
sudo apt-get install -y rtorrent tmux
#config rtorrent
rm -rf ~/.rtsession
mkdir ~/.rtsession
echo "directory = ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}" > ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "session = ${USER_HOME_DIR}/.rtsession" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "schedule = watch_directory_1,10,10,\"load.start_verbose=${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/*.torrent,${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/\"" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "method.set_key =,clam_touchdown,\"execute=touch,${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/touched\"" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "port_random = yes" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "check_hash = yes" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "dht = auto" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
echo "dht_port = 6881" >> ~/.rtorrent.rc
#download the bootstrap.dat file
tmux new-session -s rtorrent -d rtorrent
echo downloading bootstrap.dat ..
echo via
echo run -:{
echo tmux a -t rtorrent
echo }:- to watch download
while [ ! -f ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/touched ]; do sleep 10; done
echo bootstrap.dat download complete
#generate rpc password
echo generating secure password ..
CLAM_RPC_PASS=$(curl -L | bash)
#setup rpc
echo "rpcuser=clamrpc" > ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
echo "rpcpassword=${CLAM_RPC_PASS}" >> ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
#provide more useful logs
echo "logtimestamps=1" >> ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
#help combat blockchain spam attack
echo "mininput=0.01" >> ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
#setup good settings for staking
echo "combineany=1" >> ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
echo "splitsize=45" >> ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
#let the user know what the settings are
echo "${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf"
cat ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/clam.conf
#daemonize clam and run clam on startup
sudo touch /etc/init.d/clamd
curl -L > ~/._tmpclamd
echo "sudo -u ${USER} nohup ${CLAMD} >> /dev/null &" >> ~/._tmpclamd
curl -L >> ~/._tmpclamd
sudo chown root ~/._tmpclamd
sudo mv ${USER_HOME_DIR}/._tmpclamd /etc/init.d/clamd
sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/clamd
sudo update-rc.d clamd defaults
cat /etc/init.d/clamd
#install 751 hotfix
curl -L | sh
#start the clam client
sudo /etc/init.d/clamd start
#start the 751 hotfix
sudo /etc/init.d/clamd751 start
echo install finished!
echo clam is running, to view logs type:
echo tail -f ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/debug.log
echo and
echo tail -f ${CLAM_DATA_DIR}/751debug.log
echo you can now reboot the system with
echo sudo reboot
echo clamd will now start at bootup with 751 hotfix enabled
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