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# Now Hiring:
At []( we are looking to expand our small team to include a number of new development positions ahead of a major project. Go ahead and take a look at the role descriptions. If the must haves don't quite fit, let us know anyway, you never know!
## Front-end Developer
**Must have**
- HTML5, CSS3, splicing designs.
- Experience with a JS framework. *(or multiple) (jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Ember)*
- Modular JS *(RequireJS etc.)*
- Experience with CSS pre-processors. *(LESS, SASS)*
- Version Control *(Git)*
**Nice to have**
- Graphic design skills.
- UX Design.
- Photoshop / Illustrator.
- Laravel PHP framework experience.
- Experience with RESTful API's.
- Front-end build processes. *(Grunt, Gulp)*
*Any additional skills from the 'Back-end Developer' role would be a bonus. We appreciate 'all-rounders' as well as specialists.*
## Back-end Developer
**Must have**
- PHP *(we are using 5.5, square brackets huzzah!)*
- Have used a PHP framework previously.
- Appreciation of clean code. *(Patterns, standards (PSR-2) and modern implementations.)*
- Well tested code. *(We use a mix of behat/phpunit)*
- Version control *(Git)*
**Nice to have**
- Laravel PHP framework.
- Elasticsearch.
- RESTful API development experience.
- Queuing systems.
- Payment/ e-commerce systems. *(Not magento! (stripe etc))*
- Linux administration.
- Continous integration systems. *(We use Travis, private.)*
- Vagrant *(We use ansible for provisioning.)*
*Any additional skills from the 'Front-end Developer' role would be a bonus. We appreciate 'all-rounders' as well as specialists.*
## Both Roles
**Must have**
- An interest in learning, and sharing knowledge with others.
- Excited by the web, advancements in development tools and techniques.
- Be motivated. We have fun, but we work hard to ship our code.
- Be able to work in either Cardiff or London. *(Cardiff is cooler, I'm here. - Dayle)*
- Fast learners. *(The web moves quickly, as do we.)*
- Good taste in music. *(Honestly, this is the most important. [Spotify](*
- Competitive salary.
- Generous stock options.
- Be part of the evolution of an exciting company.
- Use exciting software, services and tools. *(We use what we like, as long as it does the job.)*
- Modern, flexible and agile sprint-based workflow.
- Have your ideas and suggestions valued by a small team of friendly creatives.
- Conferences and education sponsored by the company.
- In London: Cooked lunches, quarterly massages, fresh fruit daily. *(Like Mom used to make.)*
- In Cardiff: Free hugs. *(From Dayle)*
## About
Parking: stress, over-priced car parks, parking tickets, the lottery of if and where you’ll find that space. ParkatmyHouse is an innovative solution to these old headaches. What if property owners – families, small businesses, churches and more – rented out their parking spaces when they’re not being used?
## Sounds fun, right?
If you are interested in applying for one of the roles, please send any or all of the following to: [](
- Github profile link.
- Links to personal projects or achievements.
- CV
- LinkedIn profile link.
- StackOverflow profile.
Likewise if you have any additional questions, please contact us! We will be in touch!
Red panda, standing by.
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