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Move files to (new) directory based on file name
for file in *; do dir=$(echo $file | cut -c $START-$END); mkdir -p $dir; mv "$file" "$dir"; done
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daysm commented Oct 15, 2020

cd into the directory with your files and execute

/path/to/ <start> <end>

<start> and <end> are the positions of the first and last character of the directory name as it is used in the file name. To use the character sequence from the 27th to the 43rd character in the file name as the new directory name, execute

/path/to/ 27 43

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daysm commented Nov 2, 2020

To do this for multiple directories, the command could look like this:
for dir in dir1 dir2 dir3; do cd $dir && ../scripts/ 27 43 && cd .. ; done

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