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form action="/riddle" method="POST"
label for="title" Title
input#title name="riddle[title]" value="#{@riddle.title}"
select name="riddle[html_engine]"
option value="markdown" HTML
option value="markdown" MARKDOWN
option value="textile" TEXTILE
option value="haml" HAML
option value="slim" SLIM
option value="erb" ERB
option value="liquid" LIQUID
option value="markaby" MARKABY
textarea#html cols=60 rows=10 name="riddle[html]"=@riddle.html
select name="riddle[css_engine]"
option value="css" CSS
option value="scss" SCSS
option value="sass" SASS
option value="less" LESS
textarea#css cols=60 rows=10 name="riddle[css]"=@riddle.css
select name="riddle[js_engine]"
option value="javascript" JAVASCRIPT
option value="coffee" COFFEESCRIPT
textarea#js cols=60 rows=10 name="riddle[js]"=@riddle.js
input.button type="submit" value="Save Riddle"
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