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How to regenerate the master key for Rails 5.2 credentials

If your master.key has been compromised, you might want to regenerate it.

No key regeneration feature at the moment. We have to do it manually.

  1. Copy content of original credentials rails credentials:show somewhere temporarily.
  2. Remove config/master.key and config/credentials.yml.enc
  3. Run EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit in the terminal: This command will create a new master.key and credentials.yml.enc if they do not exist.
  4. Paste the original credentials you copied (step 1) in the new credentials file (and save + quit vim)
  5. Add and Commit the file config/credentials.yml.enc


  • Make sure config/master.key is listed in .gitignore and NOT tracked by git.
  • The command EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit might not work if you require credential value in some file (initializers or database.yml). I had the problem with devise.rb. I just uncommented the line secret_key = ... just the time to run the command to regenerate the credentials file, and then commented the line out again.
  • If you want to use Sublime to edit the credentials, you can replace the command EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit by EDITOR="/Applications/Sublime\ -w" rails credentials:edit



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@wicky-info wicky-info commented Jun 30, 2020

Hello, Thank you for help me fix my credential problem.


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@db0sch db0sch commented Jun 30, 2020

You're welcome

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