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Azure Container Instance - Virtual Network Deployment
# create a resource group
az group create --name containers1 --location westeurope
# create a virtual network
az network vnet create --resource-group containers1 --name aci_vnet1
# list available delegations
az network vnet subnet list-available-delegations --resource-group containers1
# create a subnet
az network vnet subnet create --resource-group container1 \
--vnet-name aci_vnet1 --name aci_subnet1 \
--address-prefix \
# deploy ACI
az container create \
--resource-group containers1 \
--image \
--name testcontainer1 \
--ports 1433 \
--vnet-name aci_vnet1 \
--subnet aci_subnet1 \
--environment-variables ACCEPT_EULA=Y SA_PASSWORD=Testing1122
# confirm ACI deployed successfully
az container show --name testcontainer1 --resource-group containers1
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