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Created Jul 10, 2016
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(defn charseq-in
[& options]
(let [{:keys [count min-count max-count chars]} options]
(s/coll-of (or chars char?)
:count count
:min-count min-count
:max-count max-count)))
(defn string-in
[& options]
(let [charseq-spec (apply charseq-in options)]
(s/spec (s/and string?
#(s/valid? charseq-spec (vec (seq %))))
:gen #(gen/fmap string/join (s/gen charseq-spec)))))
(s/def ::hostname-charseq
(let [chars (set (seq (str "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
(charseq-in :chars (conj chars \-) :min-count 1 :max-count 64)
(s/cat :prefix (s/+ chars)
:sections (s/* (s/cat :hyphen (s/+ #{\-})
:suffix (s/+ chars)))))))
(s/def ::hostname
(s/spec (s/and string?
#(s/valid? ::hostname-charseq (vec (seq %))))
:gen #(gen/fmap string/join (s/gen ::hostname-charseq))))
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