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Created January 26, 2021 06:23
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="EH_FQDN" value="{eventhubs-namespace-name}"/>
<add key="EH_CONNECTION_STRING" value="Endpoint=sb://{eventhubs-namespace-name};SharedAccessKeyName=xxxx;SharedAccessKey=xxxx"/>
<add key="EH_NAME" value="{event-hub-name}"/>
<add key="CA_CERT_LOCATION" value=".\cacert.pem"/>
<add key="SCHEMA_GROUP" value="{schema-group-name}"/>
<add key="SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URL" value="{eventshubs-namespace-name}"/>
<add key="SCHEMA_REGISTRY_TENANT_ID" value="{tenant id}"/>
<add key="SCHEMA_REGISTRY_CLIENT_ID" value="{client id}"/>
<add key="SCHEMA_REGISTRY_CLIENT_SECRET" value="{client secret}"/>
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