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Created December 14, 2013 18:44
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Intro to jQuery for Phase 0
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>DOM manipulation with jQuery</title>
<!-- Add a link to jQuery CDN here script here -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery_example.js"></script>
<h1> Hello. Welcome to the jQuery DOM Manipulation Challenge! </h1>
<div class="mascot">
<h1> My DBC Mascot </h1>
<img src="dbc_logo.jpg">
//Link this script and the jQuery library to the jquery_example.html file and analyze what this code does.
$('body').css({'background-color': 'pink'})
//Add code here to select elements of the DOM
// Add code here to modify the css and html of DOM elements
//RELEASE 3: Event Listener
// Add the code for the event listener here
//RELEASE 4 : Experiment on your own
}) // end of the document.ready function: do not remove or write DOM manipulation below this.
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