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Created Jun 13, 2012

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ReStructuredText Youtube / Vimeo video embed directive
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
ReST directive for embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos.
There are two directives added: ``youtube`` and ``vimeo``. The only
argument is the video id of the video to include.
Both directives have three optional arguments: ``height``, ``width``
and ``align``. Default height is 281 and default width is 500.
.. youtube:: anwy2MPT5RE
:height: 315
:width: 560
:align: left
:copyright: (c) 2012 by Danilo Bargen.
:license: BSD 3-clause
from __future__ import absolute_import
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive, directives
def align(argument):
"""Conversion function for the "align" option."""
return directives.choice(argument, ('left', 'center', 'right'))
class IframeVideo(Directive):
has_content = False
required_arguments = 1
optional_arguments = 0
final_argument_whitespace = False
option_spec = {
'height': directives.nonnegative_int,
'width': directives.nonnegative_int,
'align': align,
default_width = 500
default_height = 281
def run(self):
self.options['video_id'] = directives.uri(self.arguments[0])
if not self.options.get('width'):
self.options['width'] = self.default_width
if not self.options.get('height'):
self.options['height'] = self.default_height
if not self.options.get('align'):
self.options['align'] = 'left'
return [nodes.raw('', self.html % self.options, format='html')]
class Youtube(IframeVideo):
html = '<iframe src="" \
width="%(width)u" height="%(height)u" frameborder="0" \
webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen \
class Vimeo(IframeVideo):
html = '<iframe src="" \
width="%(width)u" height="%(height)u" frameborder="0" \
webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen \
def setup(builder):
directives.register_directive('youtube', Youtube)
directives.register_directive('vimeo', Vimeo)

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seonman commented Jul 2, 2015

How can I add this to so that I can use it from my rst file?

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