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Last active Sep 13, 2018
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zhanglc commented Dec 25, 2014


I use the DynamicFieldsMixin in DRF3, but get the KeyError for the line below

fields = self.context['request'].QUERY_PARAMS.get('fields')

is any suggestion? thanks

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dbrgn commented Jan 27, 2015

@zhanglc: Sorry, I'm not involved in the project anymore. Back with DRF2 it seemed to work. Maybe the way the context works has changed in the meantime?

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jayarnielsen commented May 1, 2015

I just tried this with Django 1.8 and rest framework 3. Works brilliantly, thank you.

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X17 commented Jun 11, 2015

In 3.0 replace "QUERY_PARAMS.get" with query_params.get

fields = self.context['request'].query_params.get('fields', None)

and in views pass request in context to serilizer, example

def get(self, request, format=None):
event = Event.objects.all()
** serializer = EventSerializer(event, many=True, context={'request': request}) **
filter = EventFilter
return Response(

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lucasdavid commented Jul 13, 2015

@X17, any suggestions on how to use this without implementing the get() method? (I'm using a ModelViewSet)

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rawbeans commented Jul 21, 2015

@lucasdavid The request is included by default in the context with ModelViewSet (look at the definition of get_serializer and get_serializer_context in However, I had to add the following line:

if not self.context:


 fields = self.context['request'].query_params.get('fields', None)

Without this, I would get an error when the server was starting up because there was no request object.

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dbrgn commented Sep 30, 2016

I just published this as a package on PyPI!

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wonderbeyond commented Feb 27, 2017

#Mark for my next google search# Another implementation:

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