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from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Optional
from kivy import platform
class SingletonMeta(type):
_instance: Optional[Singleton] = None
def __call__(self) -> Singleton:
if self._instance is None:
self._instance = super().__call__()
return self._instance
class Singleton(metaclass=SingletonMeta):
def __init__(self):
if platform == "ios":
from pyobjus import autoclass
self.banner_ad = autoclass("adSwitch").alloc().init()
self.interstitial_ad = autoclass("adInterstitial").alloc().init()
def show_interstitial(self):
print("show_interstitial python")
if platform == "ios":
def show_banner(self):
print("show_banner python")
if platform == "ios":
def hide_banner(self):
print("hide_ads python")
if platform == "ios":
if __name__ == "__main__":
s1 = Singleton()
s2 = Singleton()
if id(s1) == id(s2):
print("Singleton works, both variables contain the same instance.")
print("Singleton failed, variables contain different instances.")
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dbrova15 commented Nov 18, 2019

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