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Running Node-RED as a service on Windows using NSSM

Running Node-RED as a service on Windows using NSSM

These instructions assume you installed Node-RED from an administrator enabled command prompt using the npm install -g node-red command to do so.

As an administrator, install nssm from

And then from the directory where you installed nssm, run the commands

mkdir c:\temp
nssm install Node-RED "c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\AppData\Roaming\npm\node-red.cmd"
nssm set Node-RED AppDirectory "c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\.node-red"
nssm set Node-RED AppParameters "-u c:\Users\\"%USERNAME%"\.node-red > c:\temp\node-red.log"
nssm set Node-RED Description "A wiring tool for the Internet of Things"

You can edit the service using the GUI to the configuration, add extra parameters, etc.

nssm edit Node-RED

The log will be written to c:\temp\node-red.log (see line 3)

For further options read the nssm usage page.

natcl commented Jan 21, 2016

For anybody having troubles with this, make sure you create the C:\temp directory before running the service.

bloigge commented Apr 13, 2016

Another way for autostarting NodeRed in PM2 as a Serivce in Windows:

Everything in command-line as Admin:

Install node-red

npm install -g node-red

Install pm2

npm install pm2 -g

Install and config pm2-windows-startup package :

npm install pm2-windows-startup -g
pm2-startup install
pm2 save

Locate the Node-Red red.js File and add it to pm2:

pm2 start C:\Users\<USER-NAME>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red\red.js --save

alex3305 commented Dec 3, 2016

Note: Running this from a Powershell prompt will not work. Escaping of quotes will fail and the commands will all get borked.

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