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#!/bin/sh -e
# ansible managed
/bin/freebsd-version -ku
export PAGER="/bin/cat -bu"
cd /etc
test -d .git || git init .
git add -A
git commit --allow-empty -am `freebsd-version -ku | sort -r |head -1`-update
zfs snapshot -r zroot@`date -u +%Y%m%d-%H%M`:`freebsd-version -ku | sort -r |head -1`-update
beadm create `freebsd-version -ku | sort -r |head -1`-update
/usr/sbin/freebsd-update --not-running-from-cron fetch install || /usr/bin/true
echo OK freebsd-update complete
echo OK List Boot Environments
beadm list
echo Now you may sacrifice a goat and reboot.
echo After reboot, re-run "/usr/sbin/-freebsd-update install" if required
echo and "pkg update", then restart daemons as needed.
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