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maxlapshin / systemd.erl
Last active Aug 3, 2019
Systemd support
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% This is what you need to adopt systemd in erlang
% Do whatever you want license. If you want, you can take this code under terms of MIT license.
-export([ready/0, reloading/0, stopping/0, watchdog/0]).
-export([init/1, handle_info/2, terminate/2]).
View gist:af9abf6b3600d2d7f08dba58fdfb514a
Originally from:
For a safe and fast Erlang SSL server, there's a few
configuration values you might want by default:
[{ciphers, CipherList}, % see below
{honor_cipher_order, true}, % pick the server-defined order of ciphers
{secure_renegotiate, true}, % prevent renegotiation hijacks
{client_renegotiation, false}, % prevent clients DoSing w/ renegs
{versions, ['tlsv1.2', 'tlsv1.1']}, % add tlsv1 if you must
assafmo /
Last active Jul 8, 2019
Import an archive full of JSONs into CouchDB
#json per line (same result, but for example can use jq to set _id)
7z x -so $1 | jq -c . | couchimport --db mydb --type jsonl
mrallen1 /
Last active Nov 8, 2018
When does terminate/2 get called in a gen_server?

When does terminate/2 get called in a gen_server?

This is what the [official documentation][1] says about the terminate/2 callback for a gen_server:

This function is called by a gen_server when it is about to terminate. It should be the opposite of Module:init/1 and do any necessary cleaning up. When it returns, the gen_server terminates with Reason. The return value is ignored.

Reason is a term denoting the stop reason and State is the internal state of the gen_server.

Reason depends on why the gen_server is terminating. If it is because another callback function has returned a stop tuple {stop,..}, Reason will have the value specified in that tuple. If it is due to a failure, Reason is the error reason.

maxim / gh-dl-release
Last active Aug 17, 2019
Download assets from private Github releases
View gh-dl-release
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# gh-dl-release! It works!
# This script downloads an asset from latest or specific Github release of a
# private repo. Feel free to extract more of the variables into command line
# parameters.
jeffweiss / mix.exs
Last active Dec 18, 2018
Retrieving application version number in mix.exs from git describe
View mix.exs
defmodule MyApp.Mixfile do
use Mix.Project
def project do
[app: :my_app,
version: get_version,
elixir: "~> 1.0",
elixirc_paths: elixirc_paths(Mix.env),
compilers: Mix.compilers,
build_embedded: Mix.env == :prod,
View openssh.erl
#!/usr/bin/env escript
main([Port]) ->
{ok, _} = application:ensure_all_started(ssh),
View gist:3a2e355354e7f19066a0
## Enable kernel poll and a few async threads
+K true
+A 5
+Q 64000
+P 128000
+sbt db
+sbwt very_long
+swt very_low
+sub true
+Mulmbcs 32767
denji /
Last active Jul 11, 2019
Install unbound DNS(SEC) resolver on OS X, on the basis of
To install unbound you can use homebrew
$ brew install unbound ldns
Now we can edit the configuration file of unbound which by default is located in /usr/local/etc/unbound/unbound.conf:
brendangregg /
Last active Aug 4, 2019
some FS micro-benchmarks

F1. FS 128k streaming writes

Benchmark: fio write

Command: fio --name=seqwrite --rw=write --bs=128k --size=4g --end_fsync=1 --loops=4 # aggrb tput

Rationale: Measure the performance of a single threaded streaming write of a reasonably large file. The aim is to measure how well the file system and platform can sustain a write workload, which will depend on how well it can group and dispatch writes. It's difficult to benchmark buffered file system writes in both a short duration and in a repeatable way, as performance greatly depends on if and when the pagecache begins to flush dirty data. As a workaround, an fsync() at the end of the benchmark is called to ensure that flushing will always occur, and the benchmark also repeats four times. While this provides a much more reliable measurement, it is somewhat worst-case (applications don't always fsync), providing closer to a minimum rate – rather than a maximum rate – that you should expect.

F2. FS cached 4k random reads

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